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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/26/1997 22:30 (Entered as : 11 26 97 10.30)
Reported: 4/7/2001 00:50
Posted: 4/28/2001
Location: Campbelltown (Australia),
Shape: Other
Duration:1 hour
UFO flew over neighbours house with object flying inside craft. Ufo's play tag with each other.

At 10:30 pm on the 26th of november 1997 My feionce alerted me to a very bright diamond shaped object sitting just above the horizion. On a overcast but still night. After watching the object for a minute or two i went to get my video camera. We went outside and started to film the object, almost imeadietly as i started to film the object slowly started to more to my right until it dissapeared behind a hill in the distance. We both look ed at each other and thought it was a bit weird but proceeded back inside. At that point an object in almost the same position as the first one. A large object was sitting on the horizion with a smaller object aproaching from it's right side (my left side) passed right by the bigger object and stopped and then flared up to the same size as the the other object. Big! at that point they started to fly towards each other passing by each other, one of the objects stopped where the first one was sitting and the other object moved behind the hill and out of sight. The other object remained in position for minutes before leaving in the same direction as the previous two objects. As was stated in the video by my feionce and I we where surprised at what we had just witnessed. At that point out of the corner of my eye i saw an object coming towards us i called to ((name deleted)) and said look up and we saw what looked like two balls of light with a strobing red light flying right by us with no noise and no definable features apart from being two balls of light. No wings no tail no blinking and more importantly no noise. the object was low in the sky, infact so low that it passed behind a tree a about 25-30ft tall about 20 metres in front of me. As it passed by us and went in front of us it was a mirror image of itself. In other words no visable change just two balls of light with a strobing red light going from left to right. We lost sight of the object about two or so kilometers away going behind trees. at that point i think we both knew we were watching something we had never seen before. Around five os so minutes later a large oval shaped orange glowing light appeared on the horizion right where we had lost the object behind the trees, low in the sky but clearly visable the object stayed still for minutes when all of a sudden a small object seemed to fly write up into the bright oval object.The bright object then changed shape into two white lights seperated by a small gap but with no red light this time and was approached by another similar looking object which flew past and a minute or two later both objects seemed to fade out and were no longer visable. The time now was around 11.30pm 1 hour later. Quite a long exhibition what ever it was! The next day i telephoned Air services Australia the official people who monitor aircraft movement into and out of Sydney. Their Response was that there was only one plane in the area at the time a 747 which flew past the area at 10.30pm and into Sydney (Mascot) and asked if i wanted to persue the matter further at the time i was a little nervous and so no but i would like to no what it could have been. Their response was after a minute or so on hold was that "it could have been police helicopters or rescue helicopters". Well if this is true then i am convinced we would have heard them as we had one pass almost directly overhead at no more than 100 feet. the UFO Society of Austrailia has also looked at my tape as well as an astronomer at Sydney Observerty, Channel seven news here in Sydney not to mention my family and friends are all of the same opinion we have seen and video taped ufo's. They cannot at this time be identified. I would be only to happy to show you this and other footage i have and let you make your on mind up. However as i live in Australia we only have vhs. Can you view a tape of this format. Also i would like to add that we also observed and taped other objects in the imediate area of that first sighting for a period of three months with other eyewitness accounts. ((name deleted))