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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/3/2000 21:45 (Entered as : 7/3/00 21:45)
Reported: 3/15/2001 20:58
Posted: 3/16/2001
Location: Anderson/Redding, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:2 minutes
Redding/Anderson Fireworks July 3rd, 2000

We were watching fireworks in Anderson, Ca on July 3rd, 2000, from Millville Plains. A flat plains area 10 miles east of Redding at the start of the foothills towards Mt. Lassen. Are view was slightly south of west from that vantage point. Fire works were @ fair grounds in Anderson . Anyway , aprox 9:45 while fireworks were going my girlfriend and I saw what seemed to be a shooting star going east to west. It burnt out, from our vantage point, right above the fireworks, but up in the sky a bit. (an open hand's width @ arm's length). Then right at the spot it burnt out this light started blinking. (The light was quite a bit brighter than any of the stars and didnt have a steady blink like a aircraft.) Then the akwardly blinking light moved horizontally toward the north we'd say half the distance between anderson and redding in a couple of seconds. (5 miles distance i think) Then it went south back over the fireworks, stopped, blinked a few times then the blinking stopped and that was it. It def. was not any aircraft i have ever seen, my pops a pilot and i have grown up around avation, and that was no plane! We could see the commuter flights going out of redding heading south and they were way slower and lower on the horizon than the blinking light. Neither of us has seen anything like this and it was exciting when we saw it. We listen to Art bell and just thought we would give you are info of what we saw for the books. Thanks

((NUFORC Note: Please see similar reports for July 4, 2000, from across the U. S.. We presume the correct date for this report is as indicated by the witness, although we are surprised by the fireworks display on July 3rd. PD))