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Occurred : 2/25/2001 17:45 (Entered as : 02/25/01 17:45)
Reported: 2/25/2001 17:28
Posted: 2/25/2003
Location: Covington, TX
Shape: Egg
Duration:45 seconds
UFO sighting Over President Bush's Tx White House?

While working Sunday evening online with my compter upstairs in my kitchen, I had an unobstructed view to the S.W. through two large windows which had the blinds pulled 3/4 of the way up... when I happened to notice an UNUSUAL CONTRAIL ARCING TOWARD THE NORTH FROM the direction of Waco, Texas. I am situated approximately 48 miles S.S.W. of Fort Worth and 45 miles North of Waco, Texas. As a former commercial pilot, with instrument and multi-engine ratings, I noticed that this particular contrail had a base which appeared over the apparent S.W. horizon and the angle was so steep (probable 60 degrees) that it immediately caught my attention- I went to the window for further investigation (thinking, perhaps this is an airliner in distress) - runaway elevator or loss of control, etc.--when much to my amazement, this object did a abrupt verticle ascent from a fixed point- that's right- no pull up with a normal curve at contrail bottom- I'm talking about a change of direction, speed and ascent almost instantaneosly to the verticle- 90 degrees ascent and it accellerated as it went forward. Since the sun was setting in the Western sky and we had a clear sky this contrail and object was clearly visible, especially since it was reflecting in varying intensities as it passed throgh our upper atmosphere. I caught a very good reflection of the object with binoclars I keep in the kitchen- it HAD NO WINGS- EGG SHAPED, (not tublar like a missle) METALLIC SILVER WITH REFLECTIVITY OF BRIGHTLY POLISHED CHROME-- my estimate of altitude would be in the 25-30 thousand feet range when I first saw it... as it accellerated upward, the contrail was not continious, but rather sparoidic as if it were passing through different temps... I watched it till it disappeared from the sky..still in a verticle ascent- Good God, I thought this might have been a missle launch the way this craft behaved. The only major military based south of me is Fort Hood (approx. 100 miles as the crow flies) however, President Bush's Texas compound is prob! able 60 miles S.S.W- I called my parents, who live next door out to witness the event, but by the time they made it outside all that was left was the tale-tale sign of the lower contrail, except that the portion of the contrail that went verticle was still evident and they were also amazed as to the phemonenia. Hope this wasn't Saddam's avowed 1st attempt at retribtion. If it was however, our missle defense worked, because I'm still here to report this sighting. There was no sound involved in this incident. From now on, I will replace the binnoclars with a video camera. Keep up the good work.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness and found him to be credible. We addressed the possibility that he might have been observing an airliner reflecting sunlight, but he thought that was not the explanation. PD))