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Occurred : 8/22/1978 22:00 (Entered as : 08-22-78 22:00)
Reported: 2/6/2001 14:06
Posted: 2/18/2001
Location: Bermuda,
Shape: Disk
Duration:1 hour
Incident was also documented in the Bermuda Royle Gazette newspaper 8-21-78 and 8-22-78.Me and my bride were on our Incident was documented the Bermuda Royal Gazette newspaper 8-21-78 and 8-22-78.Me ane my wife were on our honeymoon.We stayed at the resort"The Reefs";in SouthHampton,Bermuda.Exact evening time I am not sure of,I guess around nine. We sat down for dinner.This seating area is outdoors and sits about three stories on a cliffside overlooking the beach and view is to the east. While having dinner I began to observe an apparent helicopter out on the ocean horizon with two very intensely brilliant search lights sweeping the water.I began to notice the other dinners pulling out cameras and mumbling to one another about this and taking many pictures. We finished eating and said goodnite to some friends and headed to room;all the while noticeing that the [helicopter]is slowly working its way towards shore and us. Now the layout of the resort is important.It is "J" shaped, in a cove,on the ocean,with thelong part juting out on a jetty which is where our room was. there is a break in between the building which alows you to get to the beach.We were right at this area about 30 feet from the water when al of a sudden we were lite up like Richard Druyfess in closs encounters of the third kind. I noted to my wife there is the helicopter.Less than 75 feet in the air and no more than 100 feet away.In amater of a few seconds I obseved the 2foot in dia.spotlite turn red as it began to fade of.As it is going out I see that the red color is the filement in the center of the lite and there is a flame coming off it.At the same time Inotice a gas orfice pulling away from the back of the lite and both the lite and gas line are retracting into the bottom of the craft.Also lights[small] are now apearing around the helicopter so I thought!With absolote excitement I now realize that I am looking at a 30 foot in dia. flying saucer, so closs I could hit it with a coffee cup.As I turn to my wife and say it , she is already gone, running scared and screaming for me to get away.I off course noway. I stayed riht there. I observed now that! it has rectangular windows around its perimeter,that everone having dinner above us on the cliff is takeing pictures like it was at arock concert and some were screaming.You see that I now notice that there are 3ET's near the windows. There were two to the right side of the saucer and they were WAVEING HELLO!, to the other people haveing ddinner and then I notice the one looking strate at me. I now know what it means to have your hair stand up on the back of your neck!!!!! It was the most fearfull thing I have ever felt in my life. They were the "GRAYS"; without a doubt!!!!!After about 1 minute with out any noise, it began to head out over the ocean. At about 150 yards out you could hear jets comeing. The British military began chasing them. And off they went out off site.The next morning just after 5a.m.,around sunrise my wife shakes me awake."A-----,she says I dont'know how to say this but a they wre just here."I said who???She tells me that someone just layed her down on the bed. When she oened her eyes there at the foot off the bed et was standing there It raised one hand and waved and lept right out out balcony door about 10 feet never touching the rail. I noted also that I was under the covers and she was on top off them....That day on the beach people said that we should have been there the night before there was a dozen [flying saucsers buzzing the island......