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Occurred : 1/26/2001 01:30 (Entered as : 1/26/01 01:30)
Reported: 2/2/2001 00:34
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Oceanside, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:30 seconds
25 mph, 50 ft. in diameter, 300 ft. above, dark-camo-green, shaped like a tall slice of pie. Two 10' white pods underside.

SUBMITTED TO PENTAGON. MARINE CORPS AVIATION. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ON 1/26/01. NAME OF CONTACT WITHHELD DUE TO CONFIDENCE. REPORT OF FOREIGN/UNIDENTIFIED AIRCRAFT: UNUSUAL AIRCRAFT OBSERVED OVER CAMP PENDLETON. JANUARY 26, 2001. To: Department of Defense Re: Marine Base Camp Pendleton. United States Marine Corps. Dear Sirs and To Whom It May Concern, Please indulge this report from a former Marine regarding what I believe to be the most astonishing visual sight you can imagine. On Sunday morning, January 20, 2001 at 0130 hours I made the following observation from my own backyard that borders the San Luis Rey Riverbed on the South side. This is directly South of Camp Pendleton. The river-bed is 10 feet from my backyard and goes West to East. I noticed an unusual aircraft coming East from the coastline, directly over the river-bed. At first I could not process what I was looking at. It continued toward me at approximately 25 mph and 300 feet above the ground. This vehicle was illuminated occasionally by street lights and headlights of cars on the road nearby as it slowly headed past my back fence. Personal Visual Report Following: 1/26/01 by ((personal data deleted)). 24/7 Unknown Air Vehicle Identifiers By Sighting: This aircraft is approximately 50-60 feet in diameter and shaped exactly like a tall slice of pie. It was of equal dimensions on all three sides and these sides were 15 feet high. There was no lighting, no visible ports or venting. The color was dark (amphibian) green with black splotches. THE FORWARD POINT OF THIS "PIE" WAS ALSO THE FORWARD-DIRECTED SECTION. This color scheme is nearly (if not) identical to a large tropical frog. The backside was black-framed with black paneling and exuded no light or visible exhaust whatsoever. The underside of this aircraft was flat (as were all the sides) and had two large white pods (looked like tap lights you see on TV) and each was 10-12 feet in diameter. They were located where you might expect landing gear to be placed. This aircraft rumbled as it went by in a very hushed tone. It sounded like a jet engine encased in a steel room with no porting or exhaust sounds. The ground slightly shook. Perhaps it sounded like a reactor core, utterly encased, strong with no venting. This vehicle floated at 25 mph over my house and was in my plain sight for over 30 seconds. I got a very good look at it. It made no effort to conceal itself except by color and no use of lighting. The 25mph speed was constant and level at 300 feet as this aircraft followed the San Luis Rey River-bed East and beyond my sight. I also want to tell you that I have been observing the skies over Camp Pendleton since last Sunday. There are several things I have seen that defy explanation and current (public-known) technology. I have seen white dots evade your helicopters and also follow your helicopters very closely. These white dots seem to duck-and-cover when an aircraft is coming toward them. They seem quite bold and brazen when the aircraft is heading away and has no visual view behind them. I have seen these white dots follow your helicopters very closely. It appears to be a game of hide and seek. The more helicopters you have in the air at once, like January 24th at 2100 hours, the more visible this activity is. Your flights seem to stir these white dots up and cause them to "blow cover" and start evading. I strongly recommend the following operation to document this nocturnal activity over and near Camp Pendleton. Recommendations for Video-Recording UFO Events: 1) Have an Audio-Visual platoon set-up an Observation (OP) station on very high ground with a 360 degree view. They must be in a location that is very dark with no street or vehicle lights to diminish human night-vision.. Use telescopic and panoramic lens on digital video recorders using strong and stable tripods. 2) Have these video-crews scan the skies for one week, all night. Have them take visual note of civil aircraft. Have them follow the civil aircraft through the sky with the video lens. Have them watch with their finger on the RECORD button the entire time. Watch for lights moving ahead of these aircraft or behind them in close proximity. 3) Notice lights in the sky that appear stationary or cosmic. Some of these lights will move away suddenly and very fast if an aircraft comes between them and the ground. These white dots sometimes leave trails of light when they move abruptly. These white lights tend to flash at times or go entirely blacked-out at other times. The movement can be from one quadrant of the sky to another in mere seconds. If you can arrange this kind of video-observation operation, or I should say, If you choose to do this, you will eventually get good video tape of UFO aircraft activity right over our heads. What I have seem so far defies explanation. Your own video-tape can then be analyzed by your experts. I am available for polygraph or Sworn Affidavit if so requested. Sincerely, ((personal data deleted))