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Occurred : 1/1/2001 00:25 (Entered as : 01/01/01 0025hrs)
Reported: 1/29/2001 06:07
Posted: 2/18/2001
Location: Brisbane (QLD, Australia),
Shape: Disk
single object made up of two clusters of lights,visible only on video,no sound,at 3000/5000 feet travelling very fast

object appeared as orange ball to the naked eye , travelling from s.e. to n.e. over sea then land at approx 3000/5000 feet. object moving very fast as similar to military jet . object large. i video taped the last 1 minute of the sighting. two clusters of 5 lights appeared after i used the camera's zoom . large black space in btween the clusters. one of the lights of the right side cluster was long as in a oblong shape which made it approx twice the lenght of any of the other lights .two lights were blinking,very close to black space between the clusters. however, these were not convential navigation lights.the blinking lights were not synchronised ..bothe appeare as whit. All lights except one appear as white on video.local ufo research group canot explain the image on the video but agree it is not an aircraft of any recognisable type. I have the video and am willing to show any interested parties.especially any who have experience in identification of previous sightings of this type. I am a psychology student and do not engage in pranks or hoaxes. I would like very much to have an explanation for what I saw on the date 1st jan I should also mention that the object flew along a regular commecial flight path at a height where I normally here such jects. However there was no sound except background celebrations in progress.