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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/15/1984 00:30 (Entered as : 6/??/84 00:30)
Reported: 1/27/2001 16:07
Posted: 2/18/2001
Location: Spalding, NE
Shape: Light
Duration:1 hour
((NUFORC Note: Date of incident is approximate. We have requested that the witness attempt to reconstruct the exact date of the incident. PD))

Observed bright light at close range, amasing movement, then hovered and my vehicle quit and lost all electrical system.

I was 25 yrs. old at the time, married, 1 child, worked in the automotive field, licensed pilot. Was working late at the shop and upon heading home(12:30-1 a.m.) I stopped at intersection of hwy 91 leaving town. Intersection is on top of a hill or plateau w/ a small private airstrip directly across the highway. I glanced to my right before pulling onto the highway and noticed a single bright light approaching slowly from the east at approx. 1000 feet AGL. I first thought someone was possibly going to try to land as it was noticeably descending and it looked like a aircraft landing light. (I am a pilot and had a friend who had his airplane hangered there.) Thought it unusual as there are no runway lights. I waited thinking I would shine my headlights down the runway if he circled to land. The light crossed in front of me at about 300-400 feet AGL, I thought, this nut is going to try it. At the same time as it passed directly over the airport hangers, it drops instantly into the valley that drops off the plateau immediately west of the hangers. It went strait down to within a couple feet off the ground FAST and then flew west across the small valley at a speed several hundred mph in a zigzag pattern still hugging the ground. I sat open mouthed. At the other side of the valley was a stand of tall cottonwoods and it flew right up to them and then did another 90 degree strait up without slowing down to a height of probably 1500 feet AGL and went west a short distance and appeared to stop in midair. I sat for a minute astounded by what I had just witnessed, and then turned west on the highway still watching it sit there. (I lived two miles west on the highway) I drove to within 1/8th mile of my house and stopped on the side of highway when it appeared to be strait north of me approx. 3/4 mile. I got out of the car to get a better look at it and to see if I could hear any type of sound from it. It was silent, I thought about shutting off my engine to get complete silence, but decided it might be wiser to leave it running. I stood and watched it for several minutes, it never moved and I had an eerie feeling like it was watching me also. I remember I was lighting a cigarett! e when s uddenly my car QUIT!! Didn't miss or stumble, just quit like I shut off the key. Goose bumps rushed over me as I was a mechanic by trade and that car NEVER, EVER quit before since new. I looked down into the car and there were no dashlights, no digital clock, engine/oil lights...nothing! I reached in and pulled the headlight switch on...nothing. I knew the battery was only 2 mo's old (multimiles best 5 yr. batt.) and I thought this can't be happening to me. I walked to the front of the car and the light was still sitting there motionless. Scared/angry, I yelled at it not to even Think about it! and began walking toward my house 1/8 mile away. I reached home and still it never moved, went in the house, sat in the chair and chain smoked two cigarettes while watching it out the window, never moved so I went to bed. I awoke about 4 a.m., got up, looked out the window and it was gone. Got up next morning, I walked back to my car, thinking, this will tell the story, actually hoping it wouldn't start, proving that it was just coincidence, got in it, stuck the keys in the ignition and turned them...lights, buzzers, everything...tried starting it, it started instantly, I shut it off and it started instantly again. I never could make out any shape of the craft or whatever it was, just a steady bright white light, didn't pulsate or change colors or anything like that. It should be noted that for a year or so before that and after that, there were cattle mutilations being reported in central Nebraska. Don't know if there is any connection. Later that summer I personaly witnessed one about 4 miles west of my house. A white charlia cow, a "perfect" 4-5 inch hole where they removed the sexual organs in the rear, and a perfect 4-5" hole in its chest in front where they removed the heart. The cow was still sitting in it's sleeping position with it's head curled around as if it was still sleeping. It never awoke or moved, no sign of any struggle, no blood anywhere! Not on it or near it. None! several other people saw it also, along with Greeley co. sheriff. There were no tracks of any kind around it, happened on a saturday nite/sunday morning. My sister also had a light follow her for 10-15 miles home late one night down two different highways. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.