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Occurred : 6/1/1986 (Entered as : 1986)
Reported: 1/5/2001 17:44
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: UK/England,
Shape: Disk
((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

6 years old wedding outside in dark no body around ship over head for seconds and flies off

Ok i am not to sure if this was the amagination of a small boy i.e me at the probable age of 6 but i remember it to this day like it happend. I was at my dads brothers weding reseption some place out in the country. I had not been drinking :) i was too young for that. any way i vidly remember being outside with sombody and seeing a shooting star. the person i was with says to me " that means u are going to have good luck" Not to long after i went out back of the wedding reseption to the large outside garden that lead onto the country side. i remember how fresh the air was and how clear the night sky was. i remember that the garden was softly lit by a flood light witch was no good as the garden was to large to be fully illuminated by it alone. i recall the calm fealing and stillness of that night. I remember walking over to the far fence away from where the wedding reception building was and behind the pond area that was surounded by furn trees. i looked at the sky abouv the towering fence then saw a second shooting star. seconds later i remember a silent "ship" flying down and hovering abouv my hed. the ship slowly tilts forward and i see a pain of wraparound sunglases for windows. well they looked like windows all tinted out and black. it felt like i was beeing watched, looked at through them. the "ship" hovered silently abouve me for a fiew seconds then it tilted its front end back up while roling over to my left so tat it was facing the other way and it shot off as fast as it arrived. ship details. i include a rough 10 second sketch to show you what i belive to have seen. the metal or material that the ship was made off was a greeny grey colour more grey i think. it also looked to be made from panal sections. the windows where like a shiny black colour not tto diferent to a shiny plastik, well sort of inbetween plastick and shades or sunglasses. they was verry dark. also i recall lots of grood looking apendijes like areals on the object and some thing on the top of it... one thing i remember was the strange triangle shaped thing at the bottom of the ship. there was no light flashing no hazes no flames or anything. it looked like somthing that had been used, somthing that was weathered in.. not shiny and gleaming nothing like a saucer shape. i remember that. the shape was very long looking at the back i supose like a sauser but streatched out and it had overhanging rims to the lower part.. the most rememberable thing was the shades for windows... also i recal numbers or simbols on the fromt of the object... i dont know what but i remember syimbols... i think when it was hovering over me there was a strange low leval humm almost like wind sound. it might have been the wind. I also remember while looking at it that i was not upset or skered in any way. i felt pecfull. after this i ran in and told my mom i saw a plain. my mom confirms today that i was all exited and was pestering her and my dad to come out side and look at the plain. I think i thought it was a hovering plain or somthing... like i said i was 6 years old aprox at the time it might have been later on or erlier in the year..