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Occurred : 12/15/2000 18:25 (Entered as : 12/15/00 18:25)
Reported: 12/19/2000 19:50
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Beaver, PA
Shape: Disk
The disk looked very black except for the small surface area being illuminated by its white strobe illuminated by its flashing strobe.

I'm a woman, age 54 and a life long resident of Brighton Township. I've been seeing about four UFOs per year in recent years although, my first sighting occurred during the 60's, though, this is only the second sighting I've ever reported. My first reported sighting was of a black triangle, on 12/09/00 about a mile from this sighting. I've seen about 20 UFOs in my lifetime and all of them have occurred within this two mile radius. I've begun to noticing that these UFOs tend to "wink-out" at similar points in the sky and I think that these similar locations might indicate some sort of flight path or "entrance-exit doorway of some kind." I really don't like seeing them. They baffle my mind quite a bit. Anyway, I drew this image at a friend's request and thought I might as well send it to the UFORC, too. :-) My report : At 6:25 PM, from my kitchen window, on December, 15th, 2000, I noticed a large, intensely, bright, bluish-white strobing light flying north from the Beaver or Vanport area of western Pennsylvania . Its speed seemed normal but it flew unusually low and close to my house and was perhaps, only 200 feet away from me for 5 seconds or so. This wasn't a normal flight path. As the strobe flashed, about once per second, it illuminated the craft's body, momentarily and, I could then, see that this craft was oblong, wingless, disk-like and of a dull, dark, brownish-gray color. There were also a few areas of very hazy, dimly lit, multi-colored light, of red and yellow-green, around the right side of the craft which, seemed like windows but with no apparent structural definition or frame work around them. These window-like areas seemed to merge with the surface of the craft's outer surface. The disk seemed to be about15 feet wide as, it passed just behind a tall tree in my yard. I heard no noise from this craft at this close grange nor at any other time. Immediately after this craft passing by my window, it made a sharp 45 degree, westerly turn, towards an open field and hovered about 100 feet above the ground. about 75 yards from my window. This dark craft had no other lights. At this angle, the disk looked very black except for the small surface area being illuminated by its flashing strobe. Although, the outer countours of the craft were barely distinguishable from the darkness of the surrounding landscape, the craft's slight drifting movements provided me with some indication of its disk-like shape. The strobe was located at the tip of a short, thin appendage, about three or four feet in length, along the center portion of the disk's side. As the craft moving very slowly westerly while low in the field and about100 feet from the ground, I noticed that its strobing light seemed to be rotating, clockwise about a fourth of the way around the side of the disk. But perhaps, there is another was of viewing this apparent rotation. I noticed, too, that this strobe light was always pointing towards the north, even though, this craft was in the process of making a sharp, 45 degree turn towards the west and the strobe light was always pointing north, in spite of the disk's varying flight path . This fixed, northernly directed pointing of the strobe's appendage remained consistent throughout my sighting or at least, during the time that I could see the craft clearly before, it departed far into the west. When the strobe was at it closest, low over the field, I could see this strobe's appendage wavering, back and forth, a few feet CW then, CCW, every three seconds or so as it hovering. This slight wavering or gliding back and forth movement of the appendage sort of reminded me of the subtle wavering of a compass needle. These wavering movements were quite obvious though, not perfectly rhythmic or uniform in the length or duration of each swing. This disk then, stopped and hovered, a seconds time, about 250 to 300 feet above ground and about 150 yards away. The strobe no longer at this disk's front end, as it had been during its approach towards my house from the south, was now casting enough light upon the craft's surface to illuminate and reveal its very dull, dark brownish-gray color, very faintly. This color resembled that of a darkened, tarnished penny though the craft, itself, always looked very black in the areas not being illuminated by the strobe. I observed this craft for about one minute before it continued on westward, at a slightly higher altitude and speed than that of an airliner. As this craft gradually faded out of sight in the distant western sky, it didn't visually descend towards the horizon but rather remained high in the mid-sky. The sky was very heavily over-cast at that time and no stars were visible. As the craft headed west, I sighted smaller crafts following it. These crafts flew passed, one by one, about one minute apart, over a period of about ten mintues. Each followed the disk's path, though, none of these smaller crafts flew in close to my house and hovered there. All of these smaller crafts flew directly in the direction of the departing disk. These crafts, also, flew slightly faster than airliners and they did make engine noise. One flew close enough that I could see its underside with binoculars (I hadn't had time to grab them when I really needed them for viewing the disk) With binoculars, I could see two bright, bluish-white, flashing lights, one on each of its wing tips. These bluish-white, alternatingly, flashing lights seemed to create the illusion of a blue line running from wing tip to wing tip, on the underside of the plane. Or perhaps, I was actually seeing a single light that moving rapidly from one wing tip to the other, in a manner similar to how I might draw long lines of light in the air by waving or writing in the air with a hand held flashlight. When viewing the closest of these approaching small planes, its bright flashing bluish-white lights would reflect back upon the underside of its wings which seemed to be unusually broad and of a similar color to that of the disk, itself. Towards the rear on its underbelly were two broad clusters of non-blinking, dimly lit lights. One cluster was red and the other amber. In side view, from a distance, these crafts displayed what appeared as a single small, yet, very bright, flashing light that alternating between rhythmic flashes of jerky pink and white light. The disk's strobing light, on the other hand, seemed to more in a straighter, smooth line without this visual jerky motion. I noticed no electrical disturbances during my sighting.