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Occurred : 11/23/2000 18:20 (Entered as : 11/23/00 06:20pm)
Reported: 12/3/2000 07:30
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Fountain City, WI
Shape: Light
Red Light changing colors and "dancing" above Wisconsin Valley Bluffs

At 6:20pm on Thanksgiving night, my brother and I went out on our parents' deck for some fresh air, since my dad was burning wood in our wood stove, and the fumes were bothersome.....As we went out on the deck, we both noticed how very clear the sky was, and how we could both make out the "milky way". As I turned to the north, which would be to my left,(Pleiades star cluster directly behind me), I spotted a "stationary" red "orb". My brother went to get his binoculars and I sat and watched it till he returned. It was "hovering" and or "bouncing like a leaf on the wind" approximately 100 feet above a "ridge of bluffs" called "Canada Ridge", in a Valley known as "Eagle Valley"......located about 11 miles from Fountain City, Wisconsin. You could see the light move, first from the left to the right, then right to then shot upwards a few feet and then returned down to its' orignal spot. The color was orignally "red", but changed without blinking from orange to white to green and then back to red....eventually the light moved down into the tree-line where it proceeded to move back and forth for awhile and then returned upwards to its' orignal spot for a few moments and then dropped into the next valley out of sight. The whole event lasted perhaps 45 minutes. The temperature that night was 30 degrees with no wind. During the event, there was absolutely no sound, and the light was located from us only about 1/2 mile away.....the size of the light at arms length would be the size of a "pencil eraser".