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Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/5/1995 00:00 (Entered as : 4/5/95 0000)
Reported: 9/9/2000 01:15
Posted: 9/17/2000
Location: Rio Grande (Puerto Rico), PR
Shape: Unknown
Duration:5 hours
alien body photographed

I was told of an incident that ocurred on an area known as "EL YUNQUE" (Carribean National Forest} in the eastern part of the Island of Puerto Rico. I was told that several Park Rangers at the National Forest witnessed the crash of what appeared to be an aircraft. they immediately set off to take a look at the objet fearing it was an aircraft that crashed. when they arrive, they found a UFO burning and aliens lying on the ground. (can't tell how many). the Park Rangers pick up the alien body(S) and took then to their station. there, one of the rangers found a camera and took several pictures of the alien while it was lying on a strecher. (this is how they prove to me the story was real, i saw the picture which i describe below). i saw a picture of a alien body lying on a strecher in what looks like an infirmary. the body was lying supine on the strecher. i guess it has to be something like 4 1/2 or 5 foot tall. his skin looked something like grayish with a rose tone. he only have 4 fingers and toes on each extremity. his upper extremities reached as far down as what looked to be their knees. his head was huge, having maximum enlargement at the inferior quadrant of his head. he had eyes that looked to be big and round(even do you can only see little thru a horizontal line defining what might looks like eyelids. his mouth and nose were in proportion to the proper anatomical positions just like on us humans. apart from that, body showed signs of first and second degree burns mainly to the left side of his body. (remember, the body was lying supine and cannot see the right side.) i was told that the military came and pick up the alien as well as the UFO and took then the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in the town of Ceiba wich is only 10-20 miles from the incident site. as for the Park Rangers, they were send back to the United States something early after the incident took place.

((NUFORC Note: We are grateful for the report. We, too, are aware of the allegations surrounding this incident. Our understanding is that this alleged event, and many others in Puerto Rico, have been investigated by Jorge Martin, MUFON SD and Investigator for PR, and there may well be merit to the claims. The most intriguing report, which we feel deserves follow-up investigation, is the alleged destruction of possibly two U.S. Navy F-14 "Tomcats" by a disc off the south shore of PR. PD))