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Occurred : 6/5/1999 (Entered as : dont know at night)
Reported: 9/3/2000 03:53
Posted: 1/26/2003
Location: Athens (Greece), .
Duration:dont know
On June the 5th 1999, one week before my wedding, my best man along with my friends and brothers surprised me by hosting my stag at a comedy club where that particular evening myself with a group of others were to be hypnotized. The evening went great and I had a wonderful time, and yes during the show I was one of the & subjects who was hypnotized. Trouble is just before my wedding date, I believe it was the Thursday, I started having dreams of a very different nature. I dreamt that I was awakened (as if I were right there in my body at that very moment not like myself standing by my bed watching me wake up, rather I was in my body within my dream.) and there were two short people with huge eyes and what I found funny about that was that they did not have any eye lids or eyebrows. It was hard to tell what they really looked like because it was dark in the room. I cannot say that they forced me as much as I volunteered to follow them. They spoke oddly without opening their mouths and before I could talk they would answer me. I don't remember much after that until the time that I was sitting on a very low chair, the kind you would find in a kindergarten classroom. Then I remember talking to them for a while and them telling me stuff about where they come from and then I don't know how the conversation started, but the next thing I know is that whatever the hell it was I was seated in became transparent on the upper half and I could see earth below me. Then we swerved extremely fast, just like you do when you go around the corner on a roller coaster, except that I did not feel much of the turn. Just then (I know it sound stupid) I felt like I was turning into water except without the water. It or I was like what you feel when you get a mild electrical shock, except that it did not hurt and it felt warm. The thing was it wasn't just me turning watery or melting which I think is more of an accurate description. Everything melted too the sun, stars, earth, and the next thing I remember is that I was hovering over some planet with domes on it. I remember asking if we were going to go down there, but they said no, and then I remember nothing. I was not forcibly confined unlike the stories you hear, and at all times I remember the feeling of free will. Yes I know what I am saying sounds crazy, but I cannot forgo the sounds, smells, touch, of every part of my senses. Since last year I have read that you can remember more under hypnosis, and I am willing to go a truth test and be hypnotized again. If I did experience this, I am sure my dreams of this are somewhat fantasized of what actually happened to me, if anything at all. But then I have been drawing stuff like triangles within triangles. I asked my friends if at any point the hypnotist even suggested to myself or anyone that we were on a UFO, but all of them said that that never happened, also I remember everything from the comedy club. My guess is that the best scanerio is that we can actually find out where they live, and the worst case is that I am pronounced as a stupid fellow with nothing better to do with his time but to dream the fantastic and scream wolf! If you wish to call me I can provide you with references upon references to who I am, and if you actually believe me (I don't believe it myself) call me. My home number is ((number deleted)) and you have my email address above. Either way I thank you for taking the time in reading this.