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Occurred : 7/15/1998 23:55 (Entered as : 071998 2355)
Reported: 8/5/2000 09:13
Posted: 8/19/2000
Location: London (UK/England),
Shape: Other
Duration:40 seconds
I saw a silent unlit grey banana shaped ufo

I was on the roof of a five storey - old building - in the heart of the City of London financial centre in my capacity as a Security Officer carrying out checks when, as is my habit, I scanned the sky expecting to see the odd aircraft as usual but hoping for something more interesting- as I had one previous sighting Of a ufo many years before in another area of UK-; To my surprise I immediately spotted a slow moving object shaped like a bulls horns but basically cylindrical with the points rounded off and flying with the points forward, though I was viewing it from the side. The craft was above me and moving from my right to my left and away from me at an angle. It was grey in colour and although the sky was a leaden grey and so were all the buildings around owing to their windows reflecting the sky and each other to a large extent,it was still clearly visible to me. There was little or no wind. It looked a frail structure to me and reminded me of an old air ship type structure though this could obviously be a subjective interpretation and totally incorrect. It was entirely unlit and in spite of it being a quiet night there was no sound that I could hear. Just as I thought it would fly on out of sight it stopped dead and without any movement either forward , backward, up or down, it began to rotate slowly around within its own length to finally face back the way it had come - a 180 degree turn as if on a mechanically fixed position turn table in the sky! It then immediately began to retrace its flight back along what seemed to me the exact path it had just taken- unlike an aircraft which obviously would have to bank and fly in a wide circle in order to maintain lift and stay airborne when turning back during flight. An inflatable air ship would not have performed such a mechanically precise manouvre. Only a helicopter could get near to this performance and a helicopter aint this shape and dont fly at night without lights.... To continue - again it surprised me by stopping dead and slowly turning left ! through 45 to 90 degrees and heading off at the same fixed speed behind the Natwest Tower. I did not see it again but it left me in no doubt that I had just witnessed something quite extraordinary. I had the distinct impression that it was robotic in nature and was performing to some preset co-ordinates. No humanoid would want to fly like that as it would not be much fun apart from any other consideration. But a change of plan seemed to occur as its return path seemed to be a waste of time and very laborious. It initially flew above the tallest structure in the City- The Natwest Tower- and having turned back finally angled off behind it; which some person may be able to determine its size from perhaps? I seem to dimly recall a similar report in the English paper The Sun which I think reported ' A flying banana 'in its usual sensationalist way.