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Occurred : 7/20/2000 23:30 (Entered as : 07/20/00 23:30)
Reported: 7/24/2000 13:46
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Ocean Parkway, NY
Shape: Chevron
Lighted red Chevron, meneuvering rapidly newar Atlantic Ocean, on Southern side of Ocean Parkway, Long Island.

Early in the evening on July 20th, I was traveling with a friend Eastbound on Ocean Parkway, Long Island. Coincidentally, we were on our way to Robert Moses State Park for a sky observation session. The Southern side of Ocean Parkway faces the Atlantic Ocean, consisting of a relatively small amount of undeveloped land. We had just passed a sign stating "Turtle Nesting Area next 6 miles." The beaches in the area are known for bird and animal nesting. Following, however, were a mass amount of "Do Not Enter" and "No Stopping" signs. Not unusual, but in a mass quantity for such a small area. As we continued, we noticed unmarked, darkly colored helicopters in the area, hovering over the Southern side near the ocean. It was about 20:00, and we assumed the helicopters were watching traffic conditions. Although, it was rather late for rush hour, and they displayed no markings. After leaving the observation session, we traveled Westbound on Ocean Parkway. As we approached the Jones Beach area, we noticed a small red object on the Southern side of the parkway. It appeared as a glowing red Chevron. The ends were a darker red, but the center was lit up as though there were a bright white bulb inside. I had no perspective relating to the height of the object. It appeared as though it could be very small, about 15 feet above the ground. However, it could have been further out, possibly above the ocean, causing it to look small from our standpoint. We pulled the car over to the side of the road. As we watched, the object moved almost like a kite. It moved back and forth rapidly over a small area, with no apparent travel direction. The object then dropped a white glowing bulb-like object, and continued to glow red, but duller. Shortly after, the object decsended, or fell, out of the air. The event lasted for a minute and a half, which is when we continued travel down the road. We decided to turn around and look for any other activity. We took the next U-turn to find a car pulled over on the Southern side of the parkway, facing East. There was a man inside, and he watched us as we passed him by. He didn't seem to be doing anything that would warrant pulling over. There was no interior light on, no ciggarette, no tire changing, no other passenger. He was gone the next time we drove by. After a couple of times passing the event area, we decided to head home. On our way, we saw many airplanes overhead. We looked carefully to make sure they weren't anything else. One such craft caught our attention. It had no obvious shape, as it was rather dark. We were travelling west on Ocean Parkway, and it appeared to be hovering, and moving in a general Southern direction. We would have assumed it to be a plane, but it would move, then hover, then change directions in a way that a regular plane would not be able to maneuver. Some information about the observers: I have never seen, or claimed to have seen a 'ufo' before this account. That's not to say that I don't believe. I do, but if I see something unusual, I tend to force myself to believe something for the sake of being able to say I've seen something. When I saw the helicopters, I didn't think much of it. When I saw the red object, I assumed it to be some kind of toy. Maybe a lit-up toy plane, or some kind of light-up kite. When the object fell out of it, I thought maybe that a light bulb fell out of the toy, so the user brought the toy down to fix it. When I saw the strange man, I figured he was pulled over for a reason. When I finally saw the last strange flying object, I decided there was something wrong. Taken separately, the occurences can be somewhat normal. Howver, when I put them together, the results fit together in a strange way, and suggest some abnormal events.