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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/23/2000 18:00 (Entered as : 7/23/00 6pm.)
Reported: 7/24/2000 07:44
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: New York City/Bronx, NY
Shape: Other
I was staring out my window wondering if I'll ever see it again now that I bought a camcorder then...

I'm just now making this report but I have witnessed U.F.O. sighting for three years now. My family thinks I'm nuts over this. Well I now have proof thanks to my camcorder. I've seen, with my wife, three round like or football shaped like objects directly above our heads, taking their sweet time heading in formation straight across us ass the sun was going down. It happened at my roof. I walk my dogs to my roof and I am addicted to looking up a lot. I've also seen silver objects with a little bit of black underneith them with no lights at broad daylight. My cousin has aslo experienced those with me. My uncle had wittnessed a brown one with me. I admit when I see the silver or white ones I feel at peece but the brown ones give off many negative vibes towards me. I get scared of them. When they're directly above me they seem to change their shapes kind of like a blanket or liquid metal then they go back to their original shapes (round). Finally on the 23rd of July of 2000 at 6pm. I was looking out my window, eight stories high and I spotted a black or brown spot in the sky. I then knew exactly what it was so I grabbed my camcorder and ran fast to the roof. The building security guard was up there so he had a chance to wittness it with me. It seemed like a large ball holding a smaller one in one spot keeping it's balance as though it was being held by a string. It was very windy so it couldn't have been a baloon and it was definitly not a plane. There were two very close maybe attached to eachother by a long but short object. It seemed to be observing everything around it, turning all around but still in the same spot. The security guard ran downstairs but I kept on filming. After about twenty minutes it started it's way towards one direction. The shape then looked round or like a lightbulb. When it was gone another popped up within a minute at the same spot that I spotted it at first. I thought maybe it was the same one or another, I was too startled at this point to even think. It ! seemed t o be making it's way towards me giving off a tapping sound as though someone was tapping on metal as it got closer to me it seemed like a light bulb black or charcoal gray. I got too scared and started making my way towards the exit. It then started moving away quickly and left towards the same direction the last one left. Then about five minutes later a third one just appeared behind me, going around me heading towards the same direction the others left. It seemed to have been closer to the buildings behind me than an airplane that had passed right above it. It's on the film when I said, "watch it disapear and another will pop up again," and so I was right the fourth had showed up at the same spot the first two did and left very quickly towards the same direction again. This is no supprise to me. They say you only see this stuff at farms but I do spend a lot of times on roofs. People in the city do not look up at the skies very often. They wouldn't even think we would get something like these sightings but I do got it on film now with four wittnesses. So, who ever said aliens wouldn't visit the city >> huh?

((NUFORC Note: We have spoken briefly over the telephone with the individual who submitted the report. We find him to be seemingly rational and serious-minded. We have requested a copy of the video tape he describes. PD))