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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/12/2000 01:56 (Entered as : 07/12/00 01:56)
Reported: 7/12/2000 15:19
Posted: 7/23/2000
Location: Franklin, PA
Shape: Disk
Duration:1 hour
Disc shaped object over NW Pa

Co-worker called my attention to a britght light in the sky....when I viewed the object, at first all I would see was a bright light with two lights, alternating blue and red. When I changed my position, I could see that the white light was moving from right to left, along a trail of 6 or 8 blue lights. WHile watching the object, I became dizzy. I then broke my gaze and called everyone else to come and see the object.....The object stayed in the same place for about an hour, then I was unable to locate it after wards, although one coworker said He saw it overhead and It's underside......