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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/11/2000 03:00 (Entered as : 06/11/00 03:00)
Reported: 7/6/2000 08:57
Posted: 7/11/2000
Location: Freer, TX
Shape: Circle
Duration:4-5 minutes
A 50 ft. circular object, with red & green flashing lights around it, was seen hovering just off Tx Hwy 44 on 6/11/00 at 03:00 CDT.

Mrs. Y and her friend Mrs. X were returning to their Freer homes from San Diego, TX. As they traveled West along Tx Hwy 44, they saw an oval, bright yellow light in the distance. They watched it for several seconds as they continued to travel at a speed of 55 mph. As they topped a small rise, the women saw what at first they thought was an accident scene, with ambulance and police car lights flashing red in the night. As they approached the scene, Mrs. X became frightened and crouched down in the front floorboard area of the passenger side of the car. Mrs. Y stopped her car opposite the scene in the brush. The circular object, which appeared to be hovering just above tree-top level (about 15 feet). The object was round, aluminum in color and was circumvented with flashing red and green lights. There was a spike on the top of the object with another red and green flashing light. Mrs. Y said the object, which she estimated to be at least 50 feet in diameter, made absolutely no sound at all. She flashed her car lights in an attempt to see better and at that time the object began an upward movement, slowly at first, giving Mrs. Y the opportunity to see a large, black "spot" in the center of the bottom of the object. The object then shot out of sight at a high rate of speed. Mrs. Y continued her trip into Freer, dropping off her friend (who refuses to speak about the incident at all) and arriving home about 03:15 CDT. It was at this time that Mrs. Y became frightened, realizing that she had seen something totally unknown to her. Her daughter, a woman in her mid-twenties, became concerned at seeing her mother's pale, wide-eyed appearance and asked her was wrong, thinking the older lady had been in a wreck. When Mrs. Y related the sighting to her daughter, who insisted they call her brother in Arizona. The brother, Mr. Y, is a retired AF Lt. Col. interested in the ufo question and a lay astronomer. He was awake, star-gazing, when the call came. When the 'phone rang, Mr. Y was afraid there was trouble at home. He was relieved to learn there wasn't, and excited to learn of his mother's UFO sighting. Later that morning he contacted NUFORC, who contacted me. I am Doris Upchurch, Asst. State Director (for S.Tex) for MUFON. I called Mr. Y, verifying his excitement and obtaining his mother's 'phone number. I then contacted the Y household, talking to the daughter, who related to me the appearance of her mother upon her arrival. It was agreed that I should contact them again when I reached Freer, approximately 3 hours later. I called Susanna Washburn, a MUFON field investigator, and we left within the hour. We could not contact the Ys by 'phone when we reached Freer, so returned home to Corpus Christi. I talked again to Mr. Y, who told me that his friend, R, had visited the sight and believed there to be some physical evidence of a landing, although this did not agree with the report from his mother. R had also e-mailed Mr. Y a drawing made by Mrs. Y of the object she had witnessed. I talked again to Mrs. Y, who told me the same story as had originally been related to me by her children, stating that she believed God had allowed her to see something special. Mrs. Y is a quiet woman, who neither reads nor writes English, learning to speak (quite well) the language when her children entered public school. To satisfy the investigative attempts, the Live Oak County State Section Director, Connie Churchill, was asked to do a follow-up investigation. She was in contact with Mr. Y by 'phone and was told that Mrs. Y was expecting her call about 15:00 CDT on Thursday, June 15, 2000. She was equipped with map co-ordinates and descriptions of the area which had been received from Mr. Y. Again, there was no response from the Y household when our investigator got to Freer. She proceeded to the intersection of Tx Hwy 44 and FM 3196, near where the sighting took place. She found nothing to indicate a landing had occurred. During the following week, I received another excited e-mail from Mr. Y, stating that his friend R had found an alien face etched into a rock outcropping in the dry creek bed at the site. I asked our newest field investigator trainee to accompany me back to Freer, arranging this time to meet with R upon our arrival. When we reached the intersection of 44 and 3196, I called R, who came right out, leading us west for 4/10 of a mile. We examimed the area carefully, noting the natural flood water drainage area, the dark, clay rock bed and the high voltage power lines (main supply lines between Freer and Laredo, Tx). Neither myself nor my trainee John Richardson found anything that looked remotely like an alien face etched into the clay. As we prepared to leave the aarea, Mrs. Y and her daughter drove by, stopped and talked to us. Mrs. Y again related the same story she had told me on the 'phone, pointing out where the object had been hovering and re-affirming the fact that it had not been on the ground. She said that the dark area on the bottom of the craft looked like a hole. (Mr. Y had told her he thought it was a doorway, but she didn't know if it was or not. Just that it looked like a hole.)