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Occurred : 6/29/2000 23:50 (Entered as : 06/29/00 23:50)
Reported: 6/30/2000 16:38
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Penn Valley, CA
Shape: Circle
Duration:<90 seconds
Having 1st beer (drinking day) on deck, yellow lite on, decended NW to SW erratic in <90s. AFB said no activity in area.

Object appeared suddenly as yellow light 3 times the brightnes of brightest stars around in NW direction at attitude? of 4 fist lengths above horizon. UFO moved erratically like an insect, drunken driver, or balloon in descending path toward the Southwest. It disappeared behind trees in less than 90 seconds. From my line of sight it never went more than 1/4 inch w/o change in yaw(?) or pitch most often 1/8th or less. Total change of bearing about 90 degrees in no more than 90 seconds. About 5 foot spread of my arms, my height is 5' 6". Traverse seemed steady but erratic compared to background stars and trees 100 to 300 feet away at 2 fist lengths above horizon. Called my wife to observe and she thought it was something she had never seen. I'm pretty alert for almost 73 and she's a sharpie at 70. At first I thought landing lights of plane in heavy crosswinds. Then helicopter in some crazy manuevers. Even harrier putting on a show. Didn't make much sense. Hardly any breeze. Too quick response for copter. Beale AFB security, command said no more activity after dark, checked with PRAPA(?) their satelite trackers and reported nothing at that azimuth(?). Object disappeared behind trees just where Beale might be some 15miles to the SW. Probably some hotshot AF checking his bombing run manuevers, right? They do U-2, Blackbird, and other stealth stuff there. Also they ate supposed to have radar responsibility for the entire US Northeast. Cripes, if they didn't get a blip we're in big doo-doo.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke at some length with the gentleman who submitted this report, and we found him to be exceptionally impressive as an observer. He exhibited no tendency to embellish the data surrounding the event, and we suspect his description above is quite accurate. Please see report from other location in California for the same date and approximate time. PD))