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Occurred : 6/9/2000 17:00 (Entered as : 06/09/00 17:00)
Reported: 6/20/2000 22:37
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Richland, WA
Shape: Teardrop
Duration:60 seconds
Teardrop shaped object sighted over Richland Washington.

My mate and I were watching for parachute jumpers over the Richland airport when I observed what appeared to be a childs baloon at first sight. It appeared to be moving quite slow and to the northeast away from us. The object made no noise and appeared to have small wing like appendages on each side of it. Then we observed that the object appeared to be observing a Cessna jump plane in the area that was below it and slightly behind it. One of the individuals in the Cessna jumped from the aircraft and the object above it (approximately 3000 to 4000 ft.) excellerated away at an incredable speed to the northeast. There was no contrail and the only sound discernable was that of the Cessna aircraft. I questioned the pilot and occupants of the aircraft and they advised that they did not see the craft. The pilot seemed completely uninterested. This incident occurred directlty over the Richland Airport and the objects altitude was between 7000 and 10,000 ft.