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Occurred : 6/16/2000 02:00 (Entered as : 06/16/00 02:00)
Reported: 6/19/2000 05:01
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Portland (southeast), OR
Shape: Unknown
Duration:5-6 seconds
TheFull*MoonBathedTheSKY-WhileThe~*TWO-DOMES (BrightlyLit)`ObjectPlayed~likeA*rollercoaster

At 2am/June16,00 My-Husband&Myself`Were-DrivingJustS.E.ofPortland,Or. in ClackamasCounty.Where there was *ExtensiveRoad-ConstructionWork-GoingOn. WhatAppearedToBe a 'Airliner/Airplane`With-Its-Landing Lights Turned*On. (whichCanBeNormalForArea)ApproachedFromTheSouth-TheTwo*Lights Remained *ON-ButAfterSeveralSecondsOfStaring`AtThem-RealizedItWas"Hovering" & not headed towardTheAirport..My-Husband Was Also Watching*Very-Intensly By Now-JustAsThis*TWO- Domed*Object(Which the Domes Were FULLY-Lit-Up)..on TOP. Did a little "Wiggly- Wobble" & Changed Direction.. By Doing a little up/down/Left/Right.. Then Headed East N.E. It them ZoomedAcrossTheSKY-FasterThan Any*ShootingStar I've EverSeen. & "Winked- OFF" (It`Reminded Me Of a Roller-coaster-where One Car is usually climing-whileThe Other* One is Lower- the second "Dome" always followed/the direction of the first.. as if Tandum - CouldNOT*See any ShapeOfCraft-asTheMoonWasFull/in E.Sky.. example= if I extendedMy*RightHand,PutOutMyTHMB- it would Take up 2/3 of My thumbNail "LONG"- Probably climed*Up/toWhere"Skydivers"would JUMP-Out-Of-Airplanes aprox.? 1,300 feet. What*Amazed`Me-Was-"How Brightly-Lit-Up"TheTwo-Domes Were.It*glowed.Really-beautiful! I checked/NextDay w.TV-Stations/Local 911= No One-Else*Reported-seeing it. Has ANYONE*ELSE-EverSeen/UFO-With 2 Lit-UP DOMES/on TOP-Of One OBJECT??