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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/1/1995 09:00 (Entered as : 9/1995 0900)
Reported: 6/18/2000 15:22
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Pahrump, NV
Shape: Changing
Duration:Two hours
Time 9:00 a.m. went outside to pump water up from well. I heard an airforce jet,so I looked up. At about 1:00 oclock high, the jet was heading north. It had six star-like objects following it. Moving at a rapid pace. I called my daughter outside to see them. The size of the objects were about the size of a ping-pong ball. They were following the jet. The duration of this sighting was about one minute. My daughter and I went back in, and were in shock. I kept looking out the windows for more objects,but none. At about 11:00 oclock a.m., my daughter had finished the dishes, and the water had to be pumped back up again from the well. As soon as I opened the door, there, at 12:00 oclock high were anywhere from 150 to 200 of these objects. Star-like, shapes varied in size and shape. This time however, they were lower down about 100 feet. The objects went up and down and side-ways. Time frame of sighting to finish on this group was aproximately 20 minutes. These were bright lights, and they appeared at times to dance across the sky. One object came fairly close to my daughter. Within 20 feet. She saw a metalic like center in it. Since then, she has had several medical problems. One being no thyroid function.