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Occurred : 4/27/2000 20:40 (Entered as : 04/27/00 20:40)
Reported: 6/7/2000 02:33
Posted: 2/25/2003
Location: Dallas, TX
Shape: Light
Duration:10 seconds
April 27 sighting in Dallas TX. Possibly the same object previously reported from Plano TX.

I observed what could be the same object from the 04/27/00 Plano TX report already in the database.

The object was seen at approximately 8:40 pm CDT April 27 from the 4500 block of Fairway Ave. in Dallas, Texas,
as I stood facing south towards the Crestpark Condominiums.
This location is about 20 miles south of the original report from Plano.
I saw a single white light at great distance moving
extremely fast away from me towards the southwest (i.e., generally north to south).
I could only see one light and could not make out any detail of the shape, etc.
It moved in a straight-forward (horizontal) line, as an aircraft in flight.
The object moved much faster than a space shuttle moves upon re-entry (17,000 mph).
I've seen 2 space shuttle flights returning at night from this same location within the past year.
It was traveling at a steady pace (its speed did not change during the few seconds it
was observed) and it quickly disappeared from view.
I kept the object in clear view for perhaps 10 seconds.
It did not appear to be a meteor because it traveled slower than a meteor.
Also, it did not look like any space junk returning to earth (it was not
burning, breaking up, like a satellite I saw reentering earth atmosphere in the 1970's).
It moved much faster than any known airplane.
It left no vapor trail behind as a rocket would leave at night (I saw one in the 1960's)
and left no contrail like the space shuttle returning (again, I've seen these twice recently).

Report cited above from the National UFO Reporting Center database:

Occurred : 4/27/00 23:38 (Entered as : 04/27/00 23:38)
Reported : 4/30/00 19:52
Posted : 5/3/00
Location : Plano, TX
Shape : Triangle

It was about 8:38pm CST, on Thursday April 27 when I witnessed the object. I met a girlfriend of mine in the
parking lot of my
apartment complex, and while she was talking with my best friends fiance(they also live in my complex) I
witnessed a triangular
object moving at incredible speed from the north to south. The object was lit on its underside in the shape
of a rod, but I could make
out a black triangular shape outside of the lit area. I could see the object moving for about 3 seconds, then
it seemed to just
disappear. There was no clouds in the area to hide in, so where it went is beyond me. The speed was
incredible, in the couple of
seconds I witnessed it it covered a good portion of the sky. To compare in speed, I witnessed the space
shuttle coming back in
orbit a couple of months ago, it took about 30-35 seconds to cross the horizon. If this object would have
stayed visible it would have
cleared the horizon in less than 10 seconds. I was fully expecting to hear a sonic boom. My best guess of the
size of the object is
about 3 times of the size of a 727(in comparison to a 727 flying at 30,000 feet, like this object appeared to
be flying at). It definitely
dodn't appear to be a meteor, becuase of the color, size, direction of movement(it moved in a staight line).
It was definitely a
strange site (sic).