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Occurred : 4/20/2000 05:38 (Entered as : 04/20/00 05:38)
Reported: 4/21/2000 16:15
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Palm Desert, CA
Shape: Cigar
Duration:1 min.
At almost full daylight,I was going out my door towards the east to retreive my newspaper, and it was so beautiful to look at the sky with early colors on a few, sparce clouds. Looking north through a ide space between two palm trees, I saw what I believed to be an airplane {what else would it have been?} and I was immediately intrigued because there was so much light coming from within. It didn't have the shape of a plane, just oblong with huge lights. I took four or five steps looking down to re-
treive the newspaper and then immediately looked for what I had first believed to be an airliner approching for a landing at Palm Springs in the west. The craft was no longer anywhere in the sky. Nowhere! Then was when I was just plain shocked...I had never believed in sightings of
unexplained objects...this I KNEW IMMEDIATELY was something very strange, unaccountable to me in any manner, for the object which was moving so slowly from my left toward the east was nowhere in the sky within a matter of perhaps six-seven seconds, the amount of time to move toward and pick up the paper. Since I had been initially quite aware of so much light and had never before seen such a thing, I wanted to follow it's curve and appoach to the west. It was my first thought that I had, indeed, seen something unexplainable. Bear in mind that I have recently moved here from Bellevue, Wa. and saw approaching and departing aircraft for over 30 years and have NEVER seen anything flying so low, slow and so much light looking as though the windows were huge. Since it was so low in the sky there was no sun up far enough to have been a long reflection, even as it moved slowly easternly.

I am 64 yrs old, female, very pragmatic, extremely well educated and read, recently retired from being a stock broker and certified financial planner. I raised four children to be open-minded and ducated.