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Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/1/2000 22:15 (Entered as : Apr 1, 2000 2215)
Reported: 4/3/2000 05:16
Posted: 2/25/2003
Location: Young City (approx 9 mi. SE of Graham), TX
Shape: Disk
Duration:01-01.5 minutes
at first sight, a very bright light aimed horizontially in our direction as we travel south on HWY 16 south of Graham, TX. The light then rose and approached our vehicle as we traveled at 65mph. We saw a rounded shape with intense white light and alternate bands of bright red light. The red lights pulsated. It stayed over our vehicle for approx 30 seconds matching our speed and then moved off to the Southwest.

We had just filled our vehicle with gasoline and headed south back to our cabin we were staying in that night. The weather was light rain with a brisk north wind (approximately 15mph)As we left Graham on HWY 16 we followed another vehicle which turned to the right on Hwy 1287 South. We stayed on State 16. Suddenly an extremely bright light was shinning on our car off to our left. The light was behind some trees but was blinding me; suddenly, it rose in the air and headed straight for our car as we traveled (at approximately 90degrees). As all of this was occurring, we were talking about something else and were only partially aware of the event. As it got closer we ( approximately 300 yards ) focused upon it with both of us saying "what is that?". Out the driver's window, I could see that there was a cockpit or something under this huge black shape. I was screaming "what the Hell is that?" The cockpit was shinning this incredibly bright light with some bands of red lights. The red lights were pulsating. The object kept approaching us until it was directly over the car. It then matched our speed (still 65mph)and my friend looked up and sort of gasped. She said that the lights are alternating. All of this time we were both asking "what is this?". As it traveled Southwest off to some low hills it disappeared. Neither one of us said anything for a while. Then she asked what I saw and I asked her what she saw. We both saw the same. When we got back to the cabin, which was about 30 minutes later we took some sheets of paper and sat across the room from each other and drew what we saw. The drawings matched! We then called the Sheriff's office in Graham and asked about aircraft or helicopters. He called the local small airport and they had nothing up. On Monday I called Carswell AFB and they had nothing out that way at that time. I called the DFW control center and they reported no aircraft flying that low on Saturday near Graham. ( Graham is 96 miles from the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. Neither of us can forget what we saw and are anxious for someone to solve this mystery. If you have any answers, we would definitely love to hear from you. Apart from nearly blinding us with that bright light and scaring us no harm was done.