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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/30/1999 13:10 (Entered as : 05301999 13:10MST)
Reported: 3/31/2000 12:25
Posted: 2/25/2003
Location: El Paso, TX
Shape: Sphere
15 minute event, daytime, partly cloudy, 5/30/1999, El Paso, Texas, 1:15P.M.

Before I begin I swear that the following events did occur on May 30, 1999 at approximately 1:15p.m. for about 15 minutes. I was on my back looking up. I was getting a tan. I noticed a small white point of light. It did not look like a plane I retreived my camera which I was using just a few minutes earlier. I notice only one at first. I was a bit nervous and forgot to remove auto focus. I proceeded to film the object. Trying to get a good zoom, when I pulled out I noticed a second object. At first they appearded to be moving apart I keep losing the focus. When I refocused later I notice they were closer and seemed to pass each other at quite a close range. I was thinking to myself if they were planes that would have been a near miss. My girlfriend was also observing the object. I notice the battey was going to die so I positioned myself behind a electircal wire so the object would pass behind an object. I knew that is a good way to do measurements. And to see that the object was actually in the atmosphere. Til the object reached the edge of the fence. After reviewing the film I noticed I actually filmed 3 objects. One of which I did not notice with my naked eye. When you look a the film you will notice the 3rd object on the left of the film in one of the zoom outs of the "2" objects I saw visually. Then a few seconds later on the upper left corner on a few frames. Very faint but very noiceable on the film. I was filming the object on a brand new Sony Handycam Model: CCD-TR416 W/180X Zoom and Night Vision. Filmed TDK HS120 Metal Paticle Tape Super Finavinx-Metal Particle 8mm video cassette. Thank you.