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Occurred : 11/16/1999 17:20 (Entered as : 11/16/99 17:20)
Reported: 3/27/2000 22:31
Posted: 4/1/2000
Location: Medina, OH
Shape: Fireball
I saw , as what looked like fireworks of purple and blue in the Western sky. The sparkling fragments traveled Eastward towards me as a whole group. Once the items passed almost overhead and slightly North they took on a greenish-yellow color and appeared to be several fireballs traveling in a train-like fashion. I could not hear any sound from them. They continued to move quickly across the sky and disappeared into the Eastern horizon, slightly North.

I was waiting in the drive thru line at the Dairy Queen in Medina Ohio and the passenger with me said "what do we have coming here"? I looked across the vehicle and out the passenger window and noticed what looked to me as fireworks. It was a cold November day and I remember thinking to myself that this was an odd time of the year to see fireworks. The colors were flickering blue and purple and began traveling toward us in a cluster. The two of us were astonished! We both got out of the vehicle and looked toward the colored fragments. As the fragments began to pass overhead they took on a greenish yellow color and appeared to be fireballs with tails traveling in a row. Smaller fire balls could be seen in the tails of the larger fireballs that were in front. They moved swiftly accross the sky and seemed to disappear into the Eastern horizon. Neither of us could believe what we had just seen. There were other customers in line behind us that sort of looked quickly to the sky almost as if they wondered what we were looking at but I don't believe they acctually saw the fireballs. I was on my lunch break and was angry that I had left my digital camera at work. The image is etched in my mind forever. I saw a brief article on the evening news that someone was calling it space junk and another an asteroid. I heard on the radio that people were calling in reports of a sighting and they were telling us that it was part of the Leonid meteor shower that was due to be seen the following night. This did not occur in the constilation of Leo. I have yet to get any kind of explanation of it. One of my fellow workers told me that his daughter had seen the same event and seemed very puzzled about what she had seen. My work friend told her that it could have been part of the meteor shower but after what I had told him I witnessed, he realy didn't know what it was. I realy wish I new for sure!