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Occurred : 6/8/1980 16:00 (Entered as : 06-08-80 16:00)
Reported: 3/22/2000 21:42
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Tucson, AZ
Shape: Diamond
Duration:10 minutes!
a bunch of us were outside building a gazebo & working on the garden when i was on the roof of the gazebo taking a break... looking almost straight up while stretching i noticed a small distant but noticibly diamond shaped silver object glistening with the sun bouncing off of it, it was not moving, everyone else saw it , after a few minutes it shot straight up and dissapeared in the clear sky. we first thought it was a weather balloon but they dont shoot up and dissapear in a couple seconds!!! ill never forget that one either!!!

see above description. if you want more info please e-mail me. the other people who saw it were all in the age of around 22-30 and also a couple kids/teenagers saw it too. this happened years ago around 1980 so i dont know where the other people are except a couple of their names are ((deleted)) and ((deleted)). we were not drinking and no drugs as we were a christian group. On a different story... a current airforce MP friend of mine was stationed at the air force in / near las vegas a couple of years ago (for two years) who told me/confirmed what an older ex-air force crew chief friend/ex-partner of mine told me. That there are a bunch of hollow mountains in Nevada near las vegas. The ex-crew chief told me that years ago he and the pilot/co-pilot were told/ordered to take off with some cargo but didnt know where they were going and would find out once they were enroute. He told me that they flew for hours and then received directions to fly to a certain coordinence (spelling) and they couldnt believe their eyes, they were instructed to fly into the side of a mountain, but when they got closer the side of the mountain opened up and they flew into the mountain and were told to not get out of the plane. the cargo was unloaded and they were told to leave. Ofcourse he told me to not tell anyone but i figured after all this time a bunch of people probably know about these "hidden" airstrips/bases in the mountains. Back to my friend the MP...he said he had clearance to go into the restricted areas of that secret base as he was a security/police and he has heard many people say that yes those hills/mountains are all hollow. One day a friend of his was taking a break in his humvee near a top secret building and a guy came out the door of this secret building and later the guy taking the break was taken to headqtrs and asked what he saw when the other man came out the door. he said nothing as it was to quick and he wasnt even paying attention but within 24 hours the airforce transfered him out of state and made him sign the 50 year "i saw nothing paper" this kinda stuff is exciting but i wonder what the heck our government is doing in those secret bases..i wouldnt be surprised probably.... so, has anyone/group ever tried to sneak-in to this area and take pictures etc.? dont we have a right to know whats going on? ofcourse we do!!! i will try to squeeze more neat stuff out of my buddy the MP.

((NUFORC Note: The person who submitted this report indicated that it had occurred in "Tucson, AR," suggesting the state of Arkansas. However, in the body of the report, the person refers to "Las Vegas," and he/she indicates that the county was "Pima." Hence, we are uncertain where the alleged events actually took place. However, we can find no listing for Tucson, Arkansas. Please see other report for 08JA68, for which these comments also apply.))