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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/15/1987 01:00 (Entered as : 1985-1990 12am-2am)
Reported: 3/8/2000 02:39
Posted: 4/1/2000
Location: Vancouver Island (over, viewed by me and others) (Canada), BC
Shape: Formation
Duration:2-3 hours
Myself ((name deleted)) along with a friend named ((deleted)) watched formations of triangle and globs doing what appeared to us exercises,like military would do. I am a former USMC Force Recon that served in Vietnam and never in my life seen any conventional jet do what these objects were doing. They would stop and then excellerate to unbeleivable speeds. They seem to be putting a show on for us. ((deleted)) and I kept this between us due to the nature of work we did, which is Law Enforcement. We viewed these formations on Wedsdays and Thursday. Other days too but it seemed that those nights were the most active. The area of Vancouver Island viewed by us was very remote area of this Island. It was amazing. I did feel that they felt our presence, I sure felt theres! If you want more details call 509-((deleted))

Three formations of 5 objects, triangular in shape glowed green,mostly golden or yellow colors. There was a hugh object as big as a Aircraft carrier above them stationary. This was witnessed by many residents of the Sekui Clallam Bay and Neah Bay. They were the talk of the towns at times. Most people in this area do not talk much to outsiders. But I do cause I want to know what the heck is going on?????? Backgrounds of the people i know are Law Enforcement Retired Military Teachers, Business owners, just good honest Americans

((NUFORC Note: Date is very approximate. We have assigned an arbitrary date in June 1987 so that the report sorts to that year. PD))