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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/15/1977 (Entered as : 1976-79)
Reported: 2/12/2000 13:17
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Childs (near the Verde Hot Springs), AZ
Duration:20-90 min.
((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. We have assigned an artificial date in order to cause the report to sort to the late 1970's. PD))

I have been trying to get more info for you on this siting.It was reported in the Verde Independent newspaper in Cottonwood,Az.,but they do not have the info in microfilm form and I started paging through the individual days circa 1976 and gave up.Too slow.

On a particular night,a craft hovered above the Childs hydroelectric plant run by APS (Arizona Public Service).This plant was built around the trun of the century to supply half the electricity for Phoenix.It uses a famous spring source ten miles away that is piped to the vicinity and dropped through a long drop to power hydro turbines.A small group of houses surround the site.Three or four engineers and their families live here and operate the plant.The nearest town is Camp Verde,approx.25 miles of dirt road away.It is literally in the middle of nowhere.A famous hot spring is directly across from the plant on the other side of the Verde river.The date of the event was 1976-1979.I did not keep the article,but it was big local news,on the front page I believe.It hardly hit the papers in Phoenix.Two facts lend corroboration: the people who reported it and were interviewed were employees of the very conservative public utility APS.Just reporting the event could have caused these folks a lot of grief,possibly their jobs.Secondly,on a drive out to this area about a month later,I stopped to help a lady change her truck's flat tire on this remote road and she was the wife of one of the engineers.This lady had a typical western accent and beehive hairdo.Not a hippie at all.While helping her I asked where she was going and she said that she lived at Childs.I then asked her if she knew the employees that saw the craft hover above the plant.She said that she was one of them and that they not only saw it,they met the aliens personally.It's hard to discount someone like this,in my mind,unless they wanted to create attention and lose jobs.Not likely.Their report was that the craft hovered above the plant and sucked energy from it,causing the power dials to drop and create a very noticeable change in electric transmission,something they would have to report to APS of course.I am not sure of the time and duration,but the lady told me that she they did not want to cause to much trouble or get too much attention,so they! did not tell the news that in addition to this experience,they not only saw them but met them as well.I did not want to pry and forgot to ask what they dressed like or how they communicated(English?).I did ask what the aliens were like,and she replied,"THEY WERE JUST LIKE HUMANS ONLY THEY WERE VERY NICE,VERY PEACEFUL" or something to that effect.It has been almost twenty-five years since then,but I have always thought about it.Last year I went to the Verde Independent and started paging through 1977,1978 and gave up.It took hours and page-by-page in those large bound volumes was difficult.As much I seem to remember that it was on the front page,it might have been on a subsequent page.I would like to know more and help if possible.I think that APS must have an archive department and could search as well.Perhaps the employees could be located and re-interviewed.The triangular craft sightings last year or so in Az. that was recently covered on FOX news on T.V. mentioned the many sightings of it culminating in F16 fighters going up to check it out over Phoenix.The show said that the sightings began in the Prescott area.Actually I have heard of friends who were out by the Hot Springs that night and saw them in that sky.The Hot Springs and Childs are about the same distance north of Phx. as is Prescott,only about 35 miles further east.