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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/15/1998 23:30 (Entered as : 07/15/98 23:30)
Reported: 1/16/2000 03:26
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Salem, NH
Shape: Circle
Duration:12 hours
((NUFORC Note: The witness's description of what they observed that night is not inconsistent with a celestial body, a star or planet, we feel, but that is a guess. Bright celestial objects certainly can be reflected off the surface of bodies of water, I believe. Also, the fact that the object moved across the sky slowly is consistent with a celestial object.

Our "analysis" is pure conjecture, and we were not present to observe the object reported. However, we receive many reports of objects that turn out to be "twinkling" stars and planets, and we feel, therefore, that we are able to identify such reports fairly readily. We apologize to the parties who submitted the report if we are wrong, which is possible. PD))

while night fishing we watched a silent craft slowly hover over a large pond over a 4-6 hour period making its way across the body of water. It looked very much like a star in the night sky but was very close cause we were able to see its reflection in the water proving it was in the imediate sky. we also witnessed it avoid detection from any planes flying higher above. so to us that also proved intelligence and with the reflection in the still water we were convinced something was several hundred feet in the sky, able to fly for hours silently, and directly over the pond. again it looked almost exactly like a star in the sky but was obviously not.

the object we witnessed for several hours was silver and the size of a star at night in the sky so much smaller than a plane more like the size of a car. The reason i believe it was defintely a ufo is because of two undeniable concrete observations: 1. it reflected in the water very obviously and the stars did not because of their distance. It would be hard or close to impossible to detect with the naked eye because of its size and likness to the stars. but we watch it slowly move over a 4-8 hour period across the water from one side of the pond to the other. we continued fishing all night while we monitored its location. when the sun began rising we decided to leave and go home approximately 5 miles away. 2. we continued discussing what it could have been besides a ufo but we were having trouble with anything man made that could fly without sound and didn't need to refuel for that long. so at the house when we got there we decided to have a beer and go out on the back porch and finish our fish stories and the talk of what it might have been. by now the sun had rose and it was daylight i was the first out on the porch and i started to search the sky for the ufo cause i was still trying to be skeptical when i saw it in the sky above the lowest set of clouds above the house. so it was above the lowest clouds but not as high as airplanes. i called my friend out and we both witnessed the shiny star like object in the sky. now we were both convinced as there were no more stars visible due to the daylight and this object was clear as day and stationary as clouds occasionally passed in front of it. So it was now complete daylight and i saw it clear as anything a silver shiny object still looking like a star even in daylight hovering in the sky all alone. it wasn't shiny like eye wincing or flashy but rather like a star just shiny enought that we couldn't make out any detail. I wish i had a camera or proof cause i have no doubt that this object was sokme type of flying craft and displayed intelligence by the fact that it travelled with awareness to its surroundings. I formulated a weak but possible theory that it might have been studying the pond and eventually maybe us because we were fishing and did catch some. And that we noticed it and when we were leaving it i believe moved from across the pond to directly above us cause i asked my friend while we walked back to the car "hey wasn't it across from us cause now its directly above us" but with it being night i was still skeptical and with the way the moon seems to follow you in a car i thought it was just my perception. but after seeing it in the daylight and at my friend's house i have no doubt this object followed us for what reason i have no idea casue it did nothing unusual besides be in the sky. I saw something very clear from 12:30 pm at night until 8:00 am or so in the daylight and it was very clear to be a craft but shiny enough that i can't give any more detail. i tried very hard to see something distinguisable something to add to its desciption but it was a perfect replica of a star impossible to further describe which to me is the perfect camouflage and a mastery of craft. we watched it for maybe an hour in the daylight then my friend drove me home and we just came to the conclusion that between us we know we saw an ufo and all these crazy descriptions that people describe are not acurate to what we saw. i have to say that i know i saw a ufo for at least 10 hours and it never moved eratically or made any noices but the shininess did dull to almost it being invisible during the night when a plane passed over it then it slowly reglimmered to its star like shininess. again showing it having intelligence. I believe it either watch us catch the fish or knew we could see it and from either one of those reasons followed us to my friends house which without it interacting with us tells me that this object was very confident in itself and in an observation mode where it feels no threat or fear of being exposed. i have never noticed anything like this since but without the water to use as a marker so to speak i! don't s ee how i could notice such a well hidden craft. this is what i believe people should look for decoy stars not what they see in the movies. please let me know if you have any other credible stories very similar to this cause this is the truest your likely to find cause this is what we honestly saw and i can't embellish it more cause this is all i saw but seeing it in the daylight has made me a concrete convinced believer!