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Occurred : 10/15/1998 19:00 (Entered as : 10/15/98 19:00)
Reported: 12/30/1999 23:23
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Asheville, NC
Shape: Light
Duration:30 mins
red drifting light about 50 degrees in the western sky slowly drifting up and to the north would get very bright then fade but not pulsating finally disapering all together

about the 2ed week in oct 98 at aprx 7 pm I was riding in a golf cart at the hotel where I work when i noticed a bright glowing red light high in the western sky. so i parked and went around the back of the hotel and walked up a fire escape to get a better look. it was glowing bright red and about the size and brightness of venus or jupiter at there closesed approch. it seemed to be very high in alt and very far away. it was drifting very slowly up and to the north (i was looking west) it would get very bright and fade but not pulsating just kinda intermittently some times fading out compleatly for a few secs or fade to were it was barely visable and then slowly brightening again. i saw several aircraft flying nearby so i know they had to have seen it also. i observed the object for about 10 mins and finally walked down the fire escape to the side door of the giftshop and ask the cashier to come have a look at this. she and i watched for about 5 more mins and it finaly disipeared compleatly. we discused it for a few mins and i went back to the bellstand in front of the hotel. a few mins later 2 guys from housekeeping came by on there rounds and i was telling them what i had seen. there imeadate reaction was "it was a tower". i was telling them how high it was and what direction when one of them said "is that it?" it was there again in the same part of the sky i had first seen it. so we went back around back (there is 2 doors leading throught a corodor that takes u from front to back where the gift shop and the proshop are located if u r wondering how we could get from front to back so quickly no lost time here LOL:) i got the cashier and we all 4 watched for about 5 mins. we all agreed it was very strange (except for 1 of the housemen he said it was an aircraft (hes not very bright) lol). about then i got a call on the radio so i had to leave. the cashier had customers so she had to go and one of the housemen said he didnt have time for this(guess witch one) but the other houseman told me later that he watched for about 5 more mins and it had drifted back up and to the south (we were looking west) and finaly faded out. the next morning it was reported on WLOS that a number of people from the leicster community (wnw of the hotel 5 to 10 miles away) had reported a bright glowing red light in the western sky. it was also reported that they had checked with asheville regonal airport controllers and nothing unusual was seen on radar. an astronomy professor from UNCA stated that was prob a star that sometimes glows red during that time of year. iv worked as a ((deleted)) there for about 6 years and iv lived in asheville for 32 years. im very fimilar with the geography of the area and the numerous cellphone and communication towers on the surounding mountian tops. this was not a hotair balloon flying at night nor was it a star or any other posible explanition i can think of any segustions?? Regards