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Occurred : 12/5/1999 05:45 (Entered as : 12/05/99 0545)
Reported: 12/21/1999 17:50
Posted: 1/7/2000
Location: Cassville, GA
Shape: Cone
Duration:1 minute
round bright light,made sky like daylight, going s on I75 on right, saw it come from sky as a comet, then went over low trees, could see eh bright light and fire coming from the tail. looked as though it grounded

it was complete darkness as we traveled to Florida, all at once it was though it was getting daylight, but, much to early. Then the light was blinding white-bright..We looked to our left (west) and we saw this ufo coming from the sky..It got closer so close we coulsd see the round white light with red fire like substance coming from the rear. It seemed to look like a comet as it begin, then become much larger, It looked like it went down behind the trees , and as it did, we could see it lit up all the houses on the other side of it. I noted imediately that this was the largest comet I had ever seen, then after much thought I cannot believe it was a comet, as it would have left a crater and I wonder if a crater was found in the area