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Occurred : 11/30/1999 18:45 (Entered as : 11\30\99 6:45pm)
Reported: 11/30/1999 21:47
Posted: 12/16/1999
Location: Ft. Scott (traveling north out of), KS
Shape: Circle
daughter & grandaughter while driving saw 5 craft in tight formation playing tag.1 followed them home where i went out & watced it hover for 15 mins. flashig red, white & green lights.

Hi Peter, know you want to keep track of whereabouts of activity on that great map of yours of our national sky. first made a sighting, which you posted, at the ufo conference in Laughlin,nv. in late Feb.of this year. My daughter said she stoped van, got out to watch 5 craft-1veicle in front of hers obviously watching them while driving. When the1 craft broke formation & began moving toward tem, she wisely opted to get them te hell out of their, followed them a long way home. Regards, Lea.