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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/17/1999 02:35 (Entered as : 11/17/99 2:35 am)
Reported: 11/18/1999 12:14
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Erie (Green Township), PA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:2 one half hrs.
We were watching the meteor storm in the southeastern sky, and noticed a bright object rise above the tree line.In the distance off to the left very far away from the first light was the second,and off to the northeast was the third,closer than the second object,but farther than the first. All three objects moved together at the same time,and moved up and down,and east to west and back.we observed all three objects for atleast 2 hrs. then we returned to the house to notify others that witnessed the closest object,after a few minutes,I myself returned to the woods behind the property, and from that point on cannot remember anything!!! I wokeup in my friends house the next morning and no one could explain how I got inside the house ,allentrances were locked and secured and no signs of entry were to be found !!!!!! I have no keys or anyway of entering their house without someone letting me in.....all three objects were bright white with occasional flash'es of red and green on the outer perimeter of each object,and all three even though very far apart moved together in unison!!!!!These objects were observed on a totally clear night with no visible moon or ground lights!!!!This incident was witnessed on top of a small hill with almost no ground obstrutions except for a few trees!!!!!In other words a unobsructed view of the sky!!!!!

At 2:35am. Myself and my bestfriends son were trying to watch the southeastern skies,in the backwoods property behind my friends property.We had already been outside watching for meteorites, starting at 2:00am.At 2:35am. We both noticed an object ,a very bright object rise above the southeastern woods!!!The object was hovering yet moving side to side and moving in very deliberate movements...Behind the first object but off to the left, yet very far in the distance was the second object,it was definately moving like a mirror image of the first..After aprox. twenty minutes off to the northeastern sky a third moving bright object dropped into view and almost seemed to line itself up with the other two objects. Once it lined up with the other two ,all three started to move in unison,first north to south then up and down this pattern of movements continued for atleast one and a half hours!!!!!! After awhile we went back to my friends house and woke up the parents of my 16yrold companion.They both observed the first object from their backporch for about 5 mins. At that point the parents and the 16yr. old went back into the house. I returned to the backwoods to resume watching the three objects. From that point on,I walked farther into the woods and observed the first object coming closer to me!! F rom that point on I donot remember anything more!!!!!!!! In the morning I awoke aprox. 10:00am. upstairs in a house that was locked and no one recalls either hearing me enter the house or letting me in!!!!!!The lady of the house seen me upstairs laying down completely clothed and still wearing my wool hat,and shaking,but still asleep she did not wake me at that time but expressed astonishment,later that I had gotten inside the house with absolutely no one hearing me enter or anyone letting me in the house I have no key to their house and the only other entrance is a very noisy sliding door that was shut and secured!! I know that we could'nt have been the only one's to have seen this but no one else has admitted to ! such!!!! !!