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Occurred : 11/17/1999 13:00 (Entered as : 11-17-99 1:00 PM)
Reported: 11/17/1999 12:06
Posted: 2/25/2003
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:A couple of minutes
I was driving east in SW Fort Worth when I saw a large object in the sky in front of me. All of a sudden it just disappeared and then a small plane with a contrail behind it flew in the approximate location of the object.

I am a 53 year old female, wife, mother, grandmother and a Christian. I have no history of mental illness and no criminal history. I was driving east in SW Fort Worth on Old Grandbury Road and almost to the intersection of Hulen when I looked in front of me in the sky slightly south and noticed a cylinder shaped silver object. I thought it was a plane but all of a sudden it disappeared before my eyes. I looked all around in the sky but it was gone. A second later a small plane flew in the same area with a contrail behind it. My sister and I had a extrodinary sighting 25 years ago and for some reason we never reported it or told very many people about it and in fact forgot about it almost instantly until about 5 years ago. This time I want to make sure it is reported and if it was a plane thats fine but still I have very large doubts since it was gone in an instant. Can you please let me know if anyone else saw anything odd today?