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Occurred : 11/16/1999 19:06 (Entered as : 11/16/99 19:06)
Reported: 11/16/1999 23:40
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Sterling Heights, MI
Shape: Fireball
Duration:1.5 min
Object traveling from west to east, Very Large white/blue fireball with long yellow orange tail 4 smaller objects behind it.

Boy this thing was Huge! I've never seen anything like it. Was traveling west on 17 mile Rd. when this fireball caught my eye to the left of me (south) at a very low altitude just below the moon, skies were very clear.I thought at first it was a plane on fire and breaking up. Color was a bright white/blue and was emitting smaller but very bright round objects along its trailing yellow orange tail which was 1/2 mile in length, there was no sound. I continued to watch the object approx. 1.5 min until it disappeared in the eastern horizon.