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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/16/1999 19:04 (Entered as : 11/46/99 1904)
Reported: 11/17/1999 01:54
Posted: 11/17/1999
Location: Fremont/Clyde, OH
Shape: Other
Duration:1.5 min.
The meteor that was sighted over Mich. and Oh.

I drive a truck at night picking up freight for a major appliance maker I was at a wharehouse picking up a load and I got out to open my trailer doors. After opening them, I was heading back to the cab of the truck. A bright light had captured my attention. I looked up and saw what I thought to be a comet or meteor. I was rather excited to see it coming right over me. I noticed as it went overhead its color was similar to burning copper. It was traveling rather slow. About the same speed as a small propeller aircraft. In its tail was sparks such as a chain being dragged along the road, or as some fireworks give off. I climbed in the truck and got on my c.b. and tried to talk to a friend of mine, but there was nothing. No static or other truckers talking. I thought there was a problem with my c.b., but when the meteor passed the chatter came back. There were other truckers taking about the meteor and that they had also experienced a brief radio blackout. I got back to the factory to deliver my load (which is 8 miles away) and I was telling another driver about the meteor. She had said that it caught her eye as she was backing to a loading dock and her c.b. went quiet also.