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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/7/1987 21:00 (Entered as : 06/07/87 2100)
Reported: 11/17/1999 00:32
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Moran State Park Jackson Hole, WY
Shape: Light
Duration:2 1/2 hours
Security personnel and park rangers observed along with park staff which I belonged to at Jackson Lake Lodge. Observed a light we thougt was a person with a flashlight.we noticed that this object was above treeline. no noise, object moved rapidly side to side up & down. Watched for 2+ hrs. Object left area slowly and faded to dim object then moved more rapidly after dimming. It was like watching someone swirling a cigaret in the dark, only very,very bright. I never reported this because I figured it would be by the rangers. It was fun and awesome to watch, I'd love to see one again. I tried to see if I could get it to come closer by signaling with a flashlight. Maybe I was being foolish, but if it wasn"t from here I really wanted make contact. Am I nuts or is this normal? Please contact me

On the night of June 6, 1987. I was about three miles outside of the Jackson Lake Lodge resort area, where I had worked. There were four of us hanging out at a foot bridge having a few beers and counting stars, when we saw what we thought was someone walking down a trail with a very bright flashlight. It was swaying back and forth and kind of bobbing up and down. Sort of like a flashlight would if someone was walking with one. I then noticed that the shadow of the tree-line was below the light. I told everyone to watch it and to confirm that I was correct about the light being above the trees. It was very quiet that night. Around there you can hear a car from over five miles away. There was no sound coming from whatever it was we were watching. The more we watched the more we realized that this object looked like a star. I flashed my flash-light at the light hoping (out loud) that I would get a response. I did not get one, I wish I had. I was becoming excited, because it was thrilling to see. The two college age women who were with us became scared, and wanted to go back to the workers dorms. When we returned to the dorms, the light was still in the sky. I pointed it out to two Park rangers and a security officer. I asked them what the saw, and they said a star. I told them to watch it for a while. The security officer and Rangers pretty much "freaked" than almost simultaneously announced that it was moving. It was about that time that the two young women came back with a couple of the wranglers to show them the light. Other employees from the Lodge statred to come over to us to see what it was we were looking at. some lodgers came up to the Rangers to ask what the light was. A small crowd had gathered and we all watched the light together until a little after midnight. It was about that time that the light steadied and started moving in a north-eastern direction and began to dim. We watched until the light began to move only slightly ( or so it seemed) faster and finally blende in with the numerous ! others s tars in that wonderful night sky.