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Occurred : 11/16/1999 18:55 (Entered as : 11/16/99 18:55)
Reported: 11/16/1999 17:38
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Ashland, KY
Shape: Light
Duration:15-30 seconds
saw a light resembling aircraft light-but not blinking-moved horizontially with trailing light as though it was time lapse photography

Traveling north on Greenup ave.saw ahead in sky the event as described. Once again, this appeared as a light with very long lines of light trailing it. Eliminated this as a reflection in that it was crystal clear and I could distinguish in my depth perception that this was well in front of me. Trailing light appeared mostly white but had other colors mixed in. The light crossed my view and turned heading past me on my right. For a brief second it appeared the light was coming at that point from the electrical lines to my right, but moved to appear to stop atop the ridge paralleling the Ohio River. At that point there appeared to be 4 distinct light from that point. Then all traces disappeared. I do not have any opinion 1 way or the other regarding ufos, but cannot explain what I saw. I am 100% sure this was no reflection. The object moved at a speed approximating that of a slow aircraft.