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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/12/1999 19:00 (Entered as : 11/12/99 19:00)
Reported: 11/15/1999 23:41
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Denver, CO
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:1-2 mins.
Something(s) rising behind me as I was driving home from work.

Within 2 miles from home driving back from work on Florida Avenue, I noticed in my rearview mirror a bright white rectangular light about the intensity of a street lamp at a distance of 50 feet directly to the east. It appeared to be rising over Ruby Hill Park directly behind me. I say rising because I was descending the hill and it appeared to "peek" up over the crest of the hill directly behind me in line with the street as I continued away from it. It could not have been a car, however, as it continued to appear to rise above the level of the street even at the top of the hill, though that thought initially crossed my mind. I had never noticed such a light at that location behind me, but thought perhaps I had just been inattentive previously not to notice. As I continued, two more appeared to rise above the hill flanking the first one so they appeared to be in a triangular formation behind the first one from my vantage point. Since they had the brightness of a street lamp, I thought that was what they were. However, the street lamps at distances much nearer faded from view due to their lack of strength and the edges that direct the light downward as I drove away from them. I also thought they could be lights on top of tall buildings that were there and I had never noticed, or were being built, but the direction I was viewing has no such construction taking place, nor does it have any tall buildings. I pulled into a filling station to get gas, then thought I would try to look for them again later that evening, as I had plans to go out with some friends. However, I was in the back seat and did not think to look for them the rest of that night. The next night, though, I looked for them and they were not there! Additionally, the part of the city I could normally see was occluded while those lights were there. This would lead me to believe that the 3 lights were not just separate lights, but were actually part of one large craft. But I really have no idea what they or it was. I have just not seen it since. A few more facts: the rising action stopped and the object(s) seemed to be stationary once I saw all three. The rising action could have even been an illusion because the land begins to rise a mile or so west of Ruby Hill. I might note, however, that I was only about a quarter of a mile beyond the hill when I started to notice the first one. They were not following me, nor were they moving in any direction like a plane or jet. The light quality seemed to be gas lights of some sort, but much brighter proportionately. The object(s) were probably a distance of 4 to 10 miles, depending on how big they really were. I don't know why I was so casual about the whole thing, but I just felt it was an interesting phenomenon. I had had three previous sightings which were much more interesting. One of them was chronicled here about a year ago.