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Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/20/1995 19:00 (Entered as : 02/20/95 19:00)
Reported: 11/12/1999 10:21
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Redding, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:30 minutes
Craft hovered at treeline above our private road.Then circled in a LARGE oval pattern about 8 times.Came within a rocks throw of our 2nd story deck.WAS SILENT.NO RUNNING LIGHTS.VERY BRIGHT LIGHTS UNDERNEATH.REMINDED ME OF GLASS BRICKS.TOO BRIGHT TO LOOK AT FOR LONG.Called Rdg.Arpt.Twr. The A.T.C. said it was a type of U.S. Military craft I can't remember. C.A.P. confirmed.Next summer pix of same craft in paper didn't look AT ALL LIKE CRAFT I DESCRIBED TO THEM!!The A.T.C. said we live in a blind radar area, by the way.I feel this is the new stealth, but who knows? COMPLETELY SILENT AND COULD HOVER SILENTLY?

I worked at Stanford University Hospital for 22 years.Ten of those years were in Administration and the rest were as a Ward Clerk on various nursing units.I am now retired.I am 52 years old and am female. My son, now 15 and my daughter, now 17 both saw it.My daughter came running in on a clear,cold February night yelling to me that there was a UFO hovering very low over our private road.She was pretty shook up. By the time I got there,it had gone on.However,I went outside and check the sky.Lo and behold,I saw this very large craft shaped like a stingray fish without a tail flying very low in an oval pattern.The craft appeared to be in a training mode,because the pattern never varied.The craft slowly flew the same pattern for about 30 minutes.Our house was located just before the craft turned to the left (east),and was flying so close to our 2nd story deck I could have hit it with a rock!There were norunninglights. The entire underneath had what looked like very large glass bricks.They were so bright,it was difficult to look at them for any length of time. There was a HUGE bubble where a cockpit would be.It was VERY tall and narrow (that's the only way I can describe it).Color was either grey or green.There were no windows apparent.I think I saw a tail fin, but I might be mistaken.It was dark.My daughter, however says she didn't see a tail fin. Unfortunately, I didn't own a video camera or any kind of camera at the time to record this incident.