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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/16/1999 22:30 (Entered as : 10/16/99 2230)
Reported: 11/12/1999 07:46
Posted: 11/17/1999
Location: Chatsworth (Fort Mountain), GA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 seconds
((NUFORC Note: The following report was submitted by Mr. Walter "Tom" Sheets, State Director, Georgia, for the Mutual UFO Network. <> Thank you, Tom!))

Glowing orange sphere changes size during hover.

A Chatsworth business owner and resident on Fort Mountain reported the following event to the State Director of Georgia MUFON. Witness was in his home on Fort Mountain on 16Oct99 at about 10:30PM. The weather was fair, calm, about 65 degrees, CAVU. His home overlooks the valley between Fort Mountain and Grassy Mountain to the north at about 2600 feet elevation. The witness observed a glowing orange sphere hovering over the valley to the northwest about 1 mile distant. The sphere seemed to be floating slowly to the east (left to right) and was estimated to be about the size of a basketball held at arm's length. The sphere then contracted to about the size of a baseball AAL, then returned to basketball size AAL. It then vansihed after about 5 seconds. The witness indicated that it appeared to be solid, and the glow was about moon bright. The witness was found to hold an Art degree from a major college in New York, is in good health and with good vision for distance. Further that the witness is a well respected member of the Fort Mountain community, whose neighbors vouch for his reliability. A check for other witnesses proved negative and conversations with local law enforcement and other authorities proved likewise. This occurrence is consistent with other events observed and reported on Fort Mountain in the last two years. MUFONGA and ISUR personnel have also observed unusual events in this area in 1998, and several past investigations have been conducted. This other information will be added to the NUFORC data base at a future date. Note on terrain: This area is part of the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountain chain (western end), and is very rugged country for Georgia, elevations ranging from about 2000 to 3000+. The remote Cohutta Wilderness area is immediatetly adjacent Fort Mountain to the north and northeast. Fort Mountain has an unusual 'rock wall' formation running around it's military crest. This unusual structure is 3 to 4 feet high in places, constructed of more or less smooth stones (piled) with highly unusual pit like rock nests within the wall at intervals. Personnel from the university system in Georgia have studied this formation and several bizarre 'legends' have been associated with the wall. Past events reported to MUFONGA and ISUR in this mountain area include a V shaped craft flying at treetop level, a domed disc emitting strange ray like beams from a portal on the fuselage, and orbs and spheres similar to the 16Oct99 report. A detailed report of the 16Oct99 event is being compiled for MUFON HQ and for the ISUR database.