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Occurred : 11/6/1999 01:30 (Entered as : 11/6/99 01:30)
Reported: 11/8/1999 01:36
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Landover, MD
Shape: Circle
Duration:approx. 4 sec.
Myself and three others were enjoying the evening talking,One other then myself was standing in the same direction when we seen a light source come over the trees of the woods in my back yard.It flashed a bright yellow,White light at a certain point and was then gone. No noise was heard and no evidence of any kind was left in the sky. It seemed when it first appeared to be a streak of very fast moving light then it was a large circular shape when it flashed,then their was nothing.It happend within a matter of seconds. Their was not even enough time to get the others attention right in front of us. It was my husbands friend that witnessed it with myself and he doesnt want to talk about it because he does not know what to say..

I had invited many friends over for a partylite candel party and it was the end of the evening and two friends remained to chat for a while longer. It was about 1:30 or so and we were on the back porch while the guys chatted about sports and we were discussing the other couple's new relationship. My husband and my friend stood facing myself and his bestfriend. We were outside because I do not allow smoking in the house and it was rather cold so I was standing part way in the door way to keep warm. As we were talking it appeared something was flying over the small wooded area behind our townhome. Thinking it was just a small aircraft because we are so close to the airforce base I payed no mind until it was right in between the trees in the back yard it flashed a huge round bright light and then appeared to be gone. I yelled what the hell was that and the person beside me had seen it to and we were in amazement and didint know what to make of it. The two that had not seen it passed it off as a meteor or a large fire display of some kind. But seeing the pattern it flew in, It was coming over the woods to the north of us and seemed to speed up Flash and then disapear. Im not saying it was a ufo but it was something I can not explain and I would love for someone to ease my mind that it was a meteor or something . I cant help but to believe that people do really see unexplained things..Please respond if anyone saw this and has a reasonable explanation. No one will take me seriously. I am not a drinker I am a very sane person whom works hard for a living my husband is an enlisted person in the usaf. This is merely a coincidence. But please respond!!!