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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/29/1999 21:30 (Entered as : 10/29/99 2130)
Reported: 10/31/1999 07:28
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Ocean City, MD
Shape: Light
Duration:3-5 minutes
my wife and i saw 3 lighted objects in the sky. the objects initially were a continuous bright light, and then a pulsating soft light. the time intervals between pusations varied, most definitely not the same time throughout the event.

my wife and i were staying at the howard johnsons in ocean city, md( located at 12th st and the boardwalk) on the night of 10/29. about 2130, we were on the balcony overlooking the ocean looking due east, looking at the stars and ships on the ocean using 50mm binoculars. the night was very clear. we saw 3 brightly lit objects to our right,in a row parallel to the sea, about 2 o'clock in our field of vision. they moved right to left. the lights went out, but within 10 seconds i saw them again, this time with pulsating low intensity lights, at 12 o'clock. they seemed to be moving together in a line, but they now were moving upwards. the 3 stayed together for at least a minute, still in a line, but the interval between them was not uniform, and the distance sometime varied as they moved. at this point one of them left, moving almost straight up in the air, leaving the other 2. they seemed to be almost connected to eachother, with the front one being the leader while the one behind was being pulled. they changed positions 3 times, with the one in front remaining almost motionless, while the one behind almost slingshotting in front. they did this 3 times. finally the one in the lead made a sharp turn upward and hovered, while the trailing object continued on a stright course. the object that was hovering then turned red, and it was gone. we heard no noise. again, the lights did pulsate, but did not remain a fixed pulse, sometimes speeding or slowing down. when they played follow the leader, the distance betwwen them did not remain the same.