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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/23/1999 21:30 (Entered as : 10/23/99 21:30)
Reported: 10/29/1999 13:36
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Hayward, CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:< one minute
Vertical column w/3 lights in linear design moved silently across sky. It disappeared behind thin fog/cloud and never reappeared.

At around 9:30pm on Sat. Oct. 23, 1999, 10-11 guests at our outdoor party saw an UFO. We were playing music and and singing by the bonfire. No one was intoxicated. Someone pointed and said, "there's a UFO". Everyone stopped playing music and stood up. I saw, without my glasses unfortunately, a column-shaped object vertically and silently glide across the sky. It appeared to have 3 muted lights lined up vertically along the column. The sky was very clear with a bright full moon except for a few light wisps of fog. The object was seen for around 30 seconds before it went behind the fog. It never came back out! There were different descriptions of the object seen. One person said that she saw a column of 4-6 hazy lights that was traveling at an angle. Another person (who might file a report too) said that she saw a grey- colored vertical rectangle, that was backlit and that had a triangular shaped exhaust coming off the back. Everyone was very matter-of-fact about the whole thing.