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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/15/1995 (Entered as : 07/15/95)
Reported: 10/18/1999 08:11
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Massachussetts Highway rest stop, MA
Shape: Circle
Duration:30 seconds
I was eating a sandwich and I looked up and saw a white circular object floating down towards some trees. I go to grab my camera and I looked again and saw another object.

I was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my dad's GMC Sonoma. We were driving up to a camp that he worked at at the time. He was asleep I looked up in the sky and there was this white object floating down towards a couple of trees. I reached behind the seat to grab my camera and when I turned around it was gone. I put the camera back and when I turned around again there was a black one that was doing the same thing I looked at it for a little while and then it just dissappeared.