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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/17/1999 03:30 (Entered as : 10/17/99 03:30)
Reported: 10/18/1999 01:28
Posted: 10/19/1999
Location: Signal Mountain, TN
Shape: Cigar
Duration:1 hour
saw bright orange light making qiuck movements,followed us for approximitly five miles, intersepted car causing electrical failure in car,bright surrounding light,banging on car, wipers beating windshield,inside of car was bright,car felt like it was levitated,extreme static,cell phone and police issued radio would not work, questionable abduction????

My husband and I have seen a questionable distant light in a very remote mountain area, for at least the last eight months off and on. Usually between 2:00 and 6:00 a.m. in only selected areas we frequently travel. The areas are remote wooded and recently logged areas on the west side of the mountain. About 2 months ago we had my husbands mother babysit our son.We were in the woods and called her to say we would be home in 30 minutes,at about 10 p.m. on our way out of the woods we saw the same orange light but was closer than normal, we got out of the truck to watch it in the distance moving about for what we thought was about 2 minutes.The light disappeared and we got back in the truck and headed home.When we got on the highway my husband asked what time it was and it was after 12:00.At 11:00 my mother in law called my sister in law to ask if she had seen or heard from us,and she hadn't she then called our cell phone and could not get through.We arrived at my mother in laws house at 12:30 and could not account for the lost time.Last night My mother in law was watching our son for the night we went spot-lighting bucks in the cut timber ridges where my husband has been hunting.On the way in we noticed that the wildlife behavior was very odd,they paided us no attention at all.We have been doing this in this same area for years and have never seen this behavior before such as:an owl sitting in the road and not moving when we approached it in the truck we stopped beside it and it flew into the side of the truck.Very exsessive amounts of small game like skunks,rabbits,coons,opposum,and rodents all traveling in the same direction out of the cut timber.At the same time about 3:30 a.m. we observed a female deer acting very strange as we passed by she came to the truck and looking behind her into the clear cut acting confused,we assumed a buck was pushing her towards the road so we shinned the hard wood hollow looking for the buck,not seeing him we eased down the road to give him a few minutes to come into the clear cut. We drove up the road and turned around to come back to find she was the only doe we saw which is not usual for we usually see 15-30 does a night.She was in the same spot still confused, we shined behind her! for the buck to find nothing on the first pass of the spotlight,upon the second pass of the spotlight we saw a red-eyed deer.We have never observed a red-eyed deer most deer eyes reflect green.When the hit the red-eyed deer he moved swiftly over the ridge and out of site.We waited a few more minutes to see if he would return to the doe.Afer about 5 minutes we he did not return so we down an adjacent road to see if he had circled the ridge.When shinning the back side of the same ridge on the first couple of passes of the spotlight we saw nothing driving slowly while still shinning the spotlight we spotted the red-eyed deer.My husband looked through the scope of the gun to see if it was a buck.It was about 200yds. off the road it was very hard to locate the deer in the cut timber.When my husband got a good look at it,it had a enormously massive rack not usually found in this region.He got out of the truck and fired one shot at the deer and I saw another red-eyed deer to the left of the first.He shot the red-eyed buck it dropped to the ground. He looked at the one on the left through his scope and it was also a massive buck. He shot at it also and it too dropped to the ground but was trying to get up so he fired a second shot then it was also lifeless.We sat in the truck for 45 minutes because my husband felt somthing wasn't right we shinned the spotlight on the deer 3 different times to see if the deer were still laying there.My husband still could not concieve the idea of the two abnormally large deer.After the third time checking they were still there,we decided to turn the truck around we came back to retrieve the bucks.We were about to get out of the truck, when my husband turned to get his gun and out of the back window he saw the same mysterious orange light in a distance moving very rapidly in figure eights and looping in the sky.My husband said there's your light.I turned to see the light moving while he cranked the truck because of unusual movement of the light.Scarred to death he floored the truck while! I watch ed the light,half way to the road it started coming towards us very rapidly.I screamed go It's coming after us.My husband driving as fast as possible while I was still looking at it coming My husband let out an ungodly scream and bowed out of the seat he felt an electrical serge in his back and was screaming everything was black and white.A few feet from the road I turned to see that the light had stopped where he had shot the red-eyed bucks.We keept going towards the main highway as fast as we could and scarred to death.As I looked to the left once we were on the highway the light had followed us, traveling 100ft. above tree level never leaving our side approximatly a mile away. Panicing trying to get away from it we were going about 90mph.But even through the curves it never left our side for about 5 miles.About 3/4 of a mile before approaching a steep ridge the highway went over, it started angling towards us appearing to intercept us at the base of the ridge.Pushing the truck as fast as it would go,screaming and crying more terrified than we have ever been. At the base of the ridge it was directly above us we felt enormous static electricity we heard a loud bang on the truck like someone had thrown a baseball at it.My husband screamed radio the police as I turned the police issued radio which will radio to Sequathcie, Grundy, Marion, and Bledsoe Counties as I keyed it made a popping sound and went dead. At the same time the electrical systems in the truck began to fail. The truck headlights, interior lights, gages, electric fuel pump, and engine began to fail which caused the truck to start missing. I saw the windshield wipers beating on the windshield and there was a bright glowing light inside the truck. Suddenly a calmness fell over us and I held both of my husband's hands as we starred at each other confused and terrified at the same time the truck felt as though it was being levitated less than a foot off the road at the same instance my husband grabbed the steering wheel as the truck was s! till mis sing we were coming out of the light now much slower than what we entered about a 1/4 of a mile back. As soon as we left the light the truck began to function normally again. Still terrifed and panicking we drove about 3/4 of a mile as fast as the truck would go to our friend's house for help. As we turned into our friend's road I looked back and and saw that the light had dissappered. As we skidded into our friend's driveway we jumped out of the truck and ran to the front door. As my husband was beating on the door he noticed that all the lights were on, all the vehicles were there and that his Friend's two house dogs did not come to the door barking like they always have. Terrified he beat on the door harder and began to scream to be let in. Panicking he reached to where his friend always kept his spare house key and it wasn't there. He tried the door knob and it was unlocked. He ran into there house screaming his friend's name and yelling for help. Although four adults and two loud house dogs live in the house there was total silence. He ran to his truck and grabbed the cell phone and tried to call his frien's number hoping he would answer but it would not go through. Immediatly he called his sister's home for her to pick us up because we were extremly disoriented. His sister answered and he began to scream hurry come out here and get us out of here theyr'e after us. the phone kept cutting in and out but he finally got her to understand where he was at. His sister and her roommate called us back from her roommate's cell phone as they were franticly coming up the mountain not knowing what was going on they had called back to let us know they were coming as fast as they could and trying to find out what was going on, but when he tried to warn them to watch out for the orange light the phone died. He tried calling back several times but it would not go through. About six minutes after he had called them they slid into the yard expecting the worst. We ran screaming and jumped into the ba! ck seat of his sister's car. She could tell how mortfied we were and immeditly back out of the yard and hauled ass back towards the highway to take us home. We were so shook up that we were babbling and could not get them to understand what had happened. As we pulled onto the highway my husband yelled "There it is!!!!" as he pointed at the bright light in the sky that was now white. His sister and her roommate(who is an EMT) both saw the light following the car a great distance up in the sky. His sister who had heard us talking about the orange lights before knew immedialy what had happened to us. She began to drive over 100 mph to get to the only convience store that was open at this hour approxmalty 4:45 a.m. We pulled into the parking lot and parked in front of the doors. We sat there for about 20 minutes trying to explain what had happened the whole time all four of us were watching the light that followed us. It moved side to side, up and down, and it would fluctuate between bright and dim, always returning to bright. then we decided to go to our house which is about a mile from the store the white light followed us at the same distance since we had been with them.We pulled into the driveway and sat in the car the light was still at the same distance in front of us and I turned around looked out the back window and saw an identical light as in front of us approaching us from behind but keeping the same amount of distance as of the one infront of us.We decided the best place to be was a public area so we went back to the store we sat there for about another 10 minutes and decided to go back off the mountain to his sister's and stay.But my husband was begging us not to go back towards where the incident had occured.We got about 4 miles from the store which was about a mile and a half where the light was over the truck.When his sister's roomate who was watching the light all the way from the store which up until this point had remained the same distance,started to scream "turn around it's coming @#$%!! !!!" we made a u turn and the light shot back up to where it had been the whole time. we went back to the store and sat for about 5 minutes and his sister and her roomate were now terrified of the situation also.We drove back to our house again and no one would get out of the car because the light was still following us.We finally decided to brave it and go to his sister's house as fast as her car would possibly go.Once we hit the road we never slowed down but the light traveled the same distance beside the car as it had we drove down the mountain it stayed above the mountain but still beside us and always in view.When we got to their house which is at the base of the mountain it was still above the mountain but in plain view over the valley, we went into the house about 5 minutes later his sister went out to her car and said that the light was gone.we stayed there and colmed down and tried to figure out what had happpened. we couldn't figure any other reason of them chasing us other than the red-eyed deer. so we waited until daylight and went back to the clear cut to see if the deer were still there because we couldn't understand the relationship between the red-eyed deer and the orange light chasing us or if there was any at all. We needed to see the deer to prove to ourselves that there was no connection.When we got to where the red-eyed deers were laying we saw nothing from the road.But my husband knew exactly where they were laying so his sister,my husband, and I walked into the clear cut to where we had seen them laying.But we found nothing no hair no blood and no tracks as if they were never there.We spread out and searched for deer tracks and walked for 2 hours over a 15 acre area and found no tracks that were equivilant to the massive deer we saw.As we were walking we found a deer carcuse not visible from the road which was laying on it's back without any meat, flesh,hair,or blood anywhere around it but suspiciously ALL bones were still intact. we left the clear cut and are now wondering what ha! ppens ne xt?