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Occurred : 10/15/1999 12:30 (Entered as : 10/15/99 12:30)
Reported: 10/16/1999 08:53
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Old Westbury, NY
Shape: Disk
Duration:@ 3-4 minutes
I was home in my room and looked out my window to see this very large, white object gliding across the sky going west to south-east. It had a band of flashing lights through the center of it and it was traveling faster than a blimp would. It was saucer-like shaped, did not change shapes, and had a bright, illuminating glow of white as its color.

As stated before, I was at my home in my room when I witnessed an unidentified object gliding across the sky in front of my house. It was large in shape (saucer-like), white in color, had a band of flashing lights through the center, and traveled faster then a blimp would. The sighting lasted about 3-4 minutes. Three people witnessed it. There was only one aircraft traveling across the sky. The night sky was very calm that night, with no obstructions of what we had seen. I was able to take a picture of the object as it felw by. The aircraft did not make any loud sounds. This occurance happened between 12:30 and 12:40 am on October 15, 1999.