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Occurred : 10/4/1999 10:05 (Entered as : 10/04/99 10:05am)
Reported: 10/4/1999 03:23
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Mount Vernon, WA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:10 min +
Bright Comet-like object seen in Washington state

I must say I still believe this was a comet however after searching, I have found no information about a comet this morning (oct 4). But I am sure others noticed this object as it was quite bright. I saw it while driving, relatively close to the sun and looking just as a bright comet would (w/ a trail not especially long or unusual for a comet). I watched the object for a long as I could traveling from the northwest to southeast (approx.), I estimate 10 minutes before I was driving into fog. As I watched the object traversed the sky in what seemed to be a great distance. It was obvoiusly quite far away after the 10 mins, and from my perspective very high in the atmosphere. There seemed to be no erratic movement and changes in shape, light, etc. (except that the light got dimmer as it was farther away) The light seemed to be white.