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Occurred : 8/19/1999 21:15 (Entered as : 8/19'99 21:15)
Reported: 9/12/1999 16:09
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Tukwila (Sea), WA
Shape: Sphere
I awaited darkness (approx.9:15pm...9:20pm) to check the reflectors outside my motorhome, and was walking backward up my road (away from my motorhome) when I was suddenly engulfed in a brilliant ball of light...I could see nothing other than the brilliance that engulfed me and was literally spiraling in this brilliant beam of white light..

My next recollection was that of staggering in a circle and looking up...for now it was totally black around me (everything that was normally in my range of vision was totally black) abnormally black... and I felt confused...As I turned in this circular motion I observed two brilliant orbs appearing roof level of my neighbor's house...Their house was always illuminated by two florescent bug lites...always on even during the day. The two orbs just hovered for a few seconds then suddenly disappeared. I walked back to my motorhomethat I will not describe now...I was somewhat reeling..I tried to call several times from my cellular phone which was in my hand during this event...(I wanted to ask my neighbors if they had installed new motion detectors on their house...I made several attempts to use my cell phone...but it was non-functional..the keyboard was frozen...My neighbors had no new lights.. This event was similiar to something that happened while driving my car in 1963 leaving Seattle for Ca.There is something about this brilliance one doesn't forget...I phoned my cellular provider approx. five days after this event to report my phone problems and finally asked when the last calls were logged to the numbers I tried to call on that evening...That is how I know the date this event occured...My phone records indicate this took place over a fortyfive minute seemed to me this happened within minutes...or seconds. Only four months ago I began receiving computer commands on my tv monitor..they just appeared on my tv screen. All within a 1" outside perimeter my screen turned black and messages would appear....All in the same block lettersm(no punctuation) IM A DREAMER...the third and final message stated simply I NEER (spelled exactly as I have written. I have since moved back into my motorhome...My tv set was and is totally independent of my computer. I have witnesses to this account..also video tape.. *footnot: In 1963 I was apparently gone for sometime...the contents of my thermos was rotten.. I am somewhat of a skeptic but the awakening I have been experiencing based on first hand knowledge has totally without a doubt convinced me that this is indeed the Truth..they...(we) walk amoung us...(them)...I haven't been on-line or had computer access for four months...but as things have transpired and continue to transpire...something has literally been lighting my path...and everything is falling into place. I'm not a religeous person but am becoming more spiritual with each passing day.Based on the information my cellular provider gave me is there are apparently forty-five minutes I cannot account forthe eve of Aug.19,1999..There are other events to report; being trapped at Mt.St Helens May 18,1980when it erupted...I think my spiritualism was borne of that... By the way Peter...this is Sharon from Seattle..I tried to fill out a report for you 8/30/99 but for some reason it would not submit..I was am continue to use others pc's while I set up in my motorhome. And as of last night I have been receiving messages on my television again. I videotaped last night...They are back on anyone else experiencing this phenomenon???